Incheon Airport Launches ‘Mobile ticketing service’

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More and more people are taking part in duty-free shopping now that online duty-free shops are available. For people who do make duty-free purchases, they often have to make a stop by the duty-free pick up center to pick up their purchases before boarding their flights. Often people find themselves with not much time left before boarding, yet stuck in long lines of people all wanting to pick up their duty-free items. 😢

Incheon Airport✈ is launching a new service called ‘Mobile ticketing service’ which will help people cut out all that unnecessary waiting. Convenient and time-efficient! Let’s find out more.

Introducing a mobile ticket service that allows you to get your products with no wait time!

Chances are you’ve been to a famous restaurant where there’s a wait. You take a number and are then informed of the expected wait time or how many parties are ahead of you. This kind of service allows you to freely walk around or relax elsewhere, rather than right in front of the restaurant’s front doors. 😀 This kind of service changed the game when it came to waiting.

Well, this kind of service is now available at the duty-free shop at Incheon International Airport! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 With the increasing number of flight passengers and their active use of online duty-free shops, many have been forced to wait in long lines to pick up their purchases, glancing nervously at the time in fear of missing their flight.

Those days are gone! Under the recently introduced ‘Mobile ticketing service’, you simply take a waiting number and pick up your order at the duty-free delivery center when it’s your turn without having to wait around nearby. You can also track the number of people waiting in real time via your mobile phone, allowing you to take advantage of the airport’s other facilities and services before it’s your turn.

So, how can I use the mobile ticketing service?

Taking advantage of the mobile ticket issuance service is a piece of cake. Simply download the Shilla Duty Free mobile app and allow it to send you notifications. Such passengers waiting near the pick-up center will then not only receive a mobile waiting ticket, but also be able to check the number of people waiting via real-time notifications.

The reason people near the delivery site can receive notifications in real-time is a little something called Beacon, a Bluetooth device installed all throughout Incheon Airport that can share people’s location information. This smart service was designed with efficiency in mind, achieved through a total of 3,668 Beacon devices installed throughout the airport.

Currently, only passengers who shop Shilla Duty-Free can use this mobile service, but there are plans for service expansion in the near future. Future travelers can look forward to that! There are already ongoing talks with Shinsegae, Lotte, and other duty-free shops in Incheon Airport ✈. 🙂

What great news for Incheon Airport’s duty-free shoppers, especially the online duty-free shoppers! Even if you haven’t shopped at the airport’s duty-free shops before, this service may make it worthwhile to give it a try. There’s a great article on online duty-free shopping tips published on the Incheon International Airport blog that would be a great read for anyone interested. 😆 Incheon International Airport✈ will continue to work hard to provide efficient services to ensure the comfort of our travelers.

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