Incheon Airport Tips! Currency Exchange Tips for Smart Travels!

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Vacation season is approaching! Have you made plans for your summer vacay yet? With many of the international travel restrictions eased, more and more people are traveling overseas already.

One thing you have to do when traveling abroad is money exchange. There are very smart and quick ways to exchange money at Incheon Airport, and we’ll tell you all about them right now~☺ Get ready to become a currency exchange expert!

Quick “Currency Exchange Service” available at Incheon Airport

You’ve arrived at Incheon Airpot full of excitement, only to realize that you haven’t exchanged any currency yet? No worries! You can do that at Incheon Airport! You’ll easily be able to spot branches of Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank and Hana Bank within both public and duty free areas. But, since each branch has different operating hours and handle different major tasks (currency exchange, travelers checks etc.), you might want to check out the link below for more information before your visit!

Currency Exchange Facility Locations at Incheon Airport

Smart Currency Exchange! 01. Use the ‘Currency Exchange APP’ for a prime exchange rate!

Some people prefer to look up the exchange rates in advance, so that they can exchange their money when the rate is more preferable. If you use a currency exchange app provided by banks, you can exchange your money in advance by wiring it to a virtual account, even if you don’t have an actual account at the bank! Some banks also offer in-app services that alert you when the exchange rate reaches a target you set. You can use such functions to virtually exchange your money when you want, and withdraw the physical notes on the date of your choice. It’s convenient, AND you can enjoy a preferential exchange rate (up to 90%), so be sure to compare each of the different banks’ special services. ☺

Smart Currency Exchange! 02. Exchanging large bills and small bills more effectively!

When exchanging currency, many people often debate how many larger denomination bills and how many smaller denomination bills they should get. If you travel with too many large bills, you’ll eventually have to deal with a lot of small change, but if you bring only small bills, they may be difficult to carry around. So the secret is to figure out your travel itinerary first, and split the bills accordingly. Also, banks do not give out or take foreign coins, and because of this, they buy foreign coins from overseas travelers and sell them at a lower price. You could buy these coins at about 70% of the basic rate, so that may be worth noting!

Branches that Handle Foreign Coins

Smart Currency Exchange! 03. Use your primary bank!

Whether it’s for a checking account, savings account or for other banking services, people generally have a primary bank that they use the most. And your primary bank is also often the most convenient and fastest option! This is because a preferential rate is often applied automatically when exchanging money at the primary bank. Note that the “preferential rate” here refers to the currency exchange fees and not the currency exchange rate. The currency exchange fees differ for every bank, so check out the link below for more information!

Info on ‘Currency Exchange Fees’ By Each Bank

Currency exchange is a must when traveling overseas! And it’s not a bad idea to look up currency exchange fees in advance, and to get a good balance of larger and smaller bills at the right time. What did you think of Incheon Airport’s “Smart Currency Exchange Tips”? A smart exchange is sure to get your trip off to a great start to a trip.☺ We hope our tips were useful for international travelers! We’ll be back with more soon~

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