Incheon Airport Baggage Tracking Service Expanded

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One of the most important things to remember when traveling abroad is your suitcase! No matter where you’re headed, packing is THE common task shared by all travelers. Just thinking about packing all the things you’ll need and wheeling that suitcase to the airport makes you excited, doesn’t it?

But when we check our baggage at the counter before boarding the plane, we can’t help but question… “Will my suitcase arrive at my destination without any problems?” And that’s why in this post, Incheon Airport will tell you all about the smart service that will help everyone travel a little more comfortably. It’s the ‘Baggage Tracking Service’.

Incheon Airport Baggage Tracking Service Expanded : Check the whereabouts of your baggage on your phone in real time via the ‘Baggage Tracking Service.’

There’s a place all airplane passengers stop by once they disembark – the baggage claim area. A lot of people feel a little anxious there while waiting for their checked baggage to roll out. If the baggage doesn’t show even after the carousel does several loops, we can’t help but wonder what’s happened to our suitcase, or question if it’s been flown somewhere else.

But there’s no reason to worry anymore! Incheon Airport provides a ‘Baggage Tracking Service’, with which you can check exactly where your baggage is quickly and easily, as long as you have your phone with you. 😍

Being able to use the tracking service to find your suitcase when you can’t seem to spot it is yet another big advantage. The ‘Baggage Tracking Service’ is a precise, fast and safe way to find your baggage. Be sure to try it out!

Incheon Airport Baggage Tracking Service Expanded : How to use the ‘Baggage Tracking Service’

The Baggage Tracking Service has been in trial operation since 2020. It was only implemented by 4 airlines, namely Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Air Seoul and Eastar Jet, but as of May 2022, the service has been expanded to cover all flights departing from Incheon Airport! (Please note that the service is unavailable for airlines with their own separate system, including American Airlines (AA), United Airlines (UA), Delta Airlines (DL), and Hawaiian Airlines (HA).)

Tracking baggage is as simple as tracking your package delivery. You can use the service either on Incheon Airport’s website or by downloading an app, where you can access the information on your checked baggage right away, just by entering the bag tag number you received at the time of baggage checking, and your seat number. You’ll be able to see in detail whether the baggage has been checked properly; how the inspection process is going if the baggage is subject to inspection; and whether the baggage has been loaded onto the plane without any problems. So if you’re worried~ just check out the ‘Baggage Tracking Service’!

Incheon Airport ‘Baggage Tracking Service’

This special service became available thanks to Incheon Airport’s locally developed system known as AirBRS (Baggage Reception System). Plans are underway to also utilize RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to track not only outbound baggage, but baggage being flown into Incheon Airport as well, so stay tuned!

Just learning about it makes you feel more at ease, doesn’t it? We hope that more people will learn about the ‘Baggage Tracking Service’ before using Incheon Airport in order to have a comfortable start to a trip! Incheon Airport✈ will continue to work hard for the convenience of our passengers!

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