Metaverse Incheon Airport Exhibition Launches

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We’re already halfway through 2022! Time sure flies, but with overseas traveling gradually reopening, Incheon Airport is starting to look more lively once again.

As such, various efforts are being made to normalize the airport’s operations, as well as to strengthen its competitiveness. Have you ever heard of the ‘Metaverse’? It refers to a virtual-reality space where social, economic and cultural activities can take place just like in real life. Incheon Airport has launched the ‘Metaverse Incheon Airport’, so that anyone who loves to travel could visit Incheon Airport whenever they like, wherever they may be. Are you curious?

‘Metaverse Incheon Airport’ allows people to have an indirect experience of the services provided at the airport, without any time constraints. Do you think the cleanliness and the spaciousness of the real Incheon Airport would be well-reflected in the virtual world as well? Let’s check it out right now! ☺

A Smart Service Providing Experiences, Exhibitions and Communication – ‘Metaverse Incheon Airport’

Have you ever used the smart check-in service at Incheon Airport? Now you can experience various smart airport technologies including self check-in and self-bag drop in the virtual spaces of ‘Metaverse Incheon Airport.’ Not only that, visitors can also enjoy an online exhibition of smart airport technologies, entertaining webtoons that introduce Incheon Airport’s smart services, and games in which players can mingle with others! It’s an all around smart service that allows people to communicate without any time or space constraints. So how do you visit the Metaverse Incheon Airport?

Visit Via the Global Metaverse Platform ‘Roblox’

First, search for ‘Roblox’ on the App Store or Google Play, and download the app. Run the ‘Roblox’ App, search for ‘Incheon Airport Festival’ and click on the first server on the list– and you’re there! Before you enter, don’t forget to dress up your avatars just the way you like!

Just Like the Real Incheon Airport! ‘Incheon Airport Metaverse’ Allows You to Try Out Various Services

Is this your first time in a metaverse space? No worries~ Metaverse Incheon Airport’s worker NPCs will explain for you. While roaming around the airport grounds, you may notice the very real traffic center of Terminal 1. It’s even more realistic than real life!

By completing missions such as “experiencing smart services” or “reading webtoons”, visitors can win coins that can be used within the ‘Metaverse Incheon Airport.’ With these coins, you can go to the store behind the map to buy new costumes for your avatars. So earn some coins. Dress up your avatars, and take pictures to show them off on social media!   

After serving as an online exhibition promoting the superb technologies of local SMEs and Production Facilities for the Severely Disabled, plans are in the works to procure workshop spaces for large meetings in the future. How about we meet up in the ‘Metaverse Incheon Airport’ right now?

‘Metaverse Incheon Airport’ – It’s yet another side of Incheon Airport’ Hopes are high that visitors from all over the world will meet and communicate with one another there. Incheon Airport is endlessly striving to realize the goal of becoming a future-oriented digital airport. Stay tuned for what’s coming next!

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