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After getting through the first half of 2022 relatively safely, we entered the second half and saw the month of July whiz by. With many COVID restrictions being lifted, the travel industry started to reach a state of normalcy which led to a lot of buzzworthy happenings at Incheon Airport.

The latest news prepared by Incheon International Airport ✈ today is a wrap-up of the top stories that took place at Incheon Airport in July! Aren’t you curious about how Incheon Airport handled safety and convenience for its passengers with travel picking back up again?

Before we dive in deeper, here’s an overview of the major July happenings!

📍 Incheon Airport deemed an “excellent” institution in Disaster Management Evaluation for third year in a row.
📍 Safety campaign launch using the winning works of recent safety photo and poster contest.
📍 ‘Incheon Airport Ma-eum Yeo-haeng Counseling Center’ opens for airport employees.
📍 Korea’s first low-cost carrier (LCC) cargo plane attracts attention.
📍 Additional COVID-19 inspection center opened in Passenger Terminal 2
📍 Development of services to accelerate airport’s digital transformation.
📍 “CarPay” service that allows you to pay without a credit card introduced.

Results of Incheon Airport’s Ongoing Efforts to Increase Safety, Fairness, Faith and Trust

First off, we have prepared three stories that demonstrate safety and fairness at Incheon Airport ✈!

The first news is that Incheon Airport has been selected as an “excellent” institution for the third consecutive year in the disaster management evaluations! The disaster management evaluation is an annual, comprehensive, national-level evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, with 335 institutions having undergone it this year.

In addition to striving to enforce nation-wide quarantine measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, Incheon Airport was able to receive an “excellent” rating because it did not neglect other safety concerns, such as disaster preparation training and seasonal safety checks. We will continue to work hard to create a safe place for all that visit us at Incheon Airport.

The second story is about the winning works from our last Safety Contest being used for the latest Safety Campaign⛑. Incheon Airport held a safety photo and poster contest from April to May. You can check out the winning works on the 3rd floor of Passenger Terminal 1 (Departure area) on August 1st from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. There will also be leaflets and souvenirs introducing the winning works of the contest handed out on site, so if you’re at Incheon Airport that day, please drop by!

The third news is about the opening of the Incheon Airport Ma-eum Yeo-haeng Counseling Center for employees working at Incheon Airport! Incheon Airport and its Human Rights Management Committee, works hard to not neglect necessary facilities and services being provided for its workers. As the demand for air travel is gradually increasing, more travelers are expected to pass through Incheon Airport, thus leading to higher job-related stress for employees.

The goal of the Ma-eum Yeo-haeng Counseling Center is to ultimately increase passenger and employee satisfaction by helping airport workers to better relieve stress and increase job satisfaction. Incheon Airport’s Ma-eum Yeo-haeng Counseling Center can be found at the Flight Job Employment Support Center on the 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 1, so we hope all our employees take note and give the center a visit. We will do our best to grow as an airport that respects the human rights of everyone.

Incheon Airport’s Efforts to Increase Competitiveness in Becoming Top Airport in the World

Incheon International Airport continues to make efforts to provide the best quality facilities and service in the world. It plays a crucial role as a hub, ranking second in the international cargo market. On a related note,  Jeju Air has announced its plans to launch a low-cost carrier (LCC) freight route for the first time in the country.

The conventional “belly cargo” method of loading freight onto any spare space left on passenger planes allowed for significant expansion of Korea’s freight transport volume. With the introduction of low-cost cargo planes, 17,000 tons of cargo is expected to be added annually to Incheon Airport’s cargo network, solidifying Korea’s role further as a world hub. 

Also, in accordance with the government’s recently announced countermeasures against the spread of COVID-19, an additional COVID-19 inspection center has been opened in Passenger Terminal 2 to better support the mandatory measures required for overseas arrivals. Though we have seen a lot of improvement in returning to normalcy, there are still COVID-related restrictions and limitations we face. With this additional COVID-19 inspection center, Incheon Airport will strive to evolve to become an airport that prioritizes safety.

Demand for PCR tests is expected to rise being that as of August 1st, all overseas travelers must undergo PCR tests within a day of arrival. The new inspection center is indeed welcome news! Incheon Airport ✈ will continue to grow and evolve to better serve travelers until the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Convenience is the Top Priority. New Parking System Introduced at Incheon Airport to Improve Traveler Convenience

When talking about Incheon Airport ✈, we can’t not mention convenience. To add to the many convenient services that the airport already offers, there will be two new services that will hopefully make parking 🚗at the airport more convenient.

First of all, we introduce the digital twin-based parking control system that will push Incheon Airport a step closer to becoming a future digital airport. Digital Twin technology implements a twin virtual digital world so users can use simulations in this virtual world to improve decision-making in the real world. After thorough analysis of Incheon Airport’s parking lots, “Incheon Airport Parking Navigation” was developed and is set to be launched within this year.

This convenient system will help drivers to find an optimal route to a parking space using real-time information. Through use of Internet of Things (IoT) on roads, smart poles, and various surrounding sensors, there will be less blind spots in parking lot surveillance. Ultimately, we want people to save time on finding parking!

In addition, we signed a business agreement with Hyundai Motor Group to implement the “Carpay” service smoothly in Incheon Airport’s parking lots. Carpay was commercialized in February 2020 and has since been expanding its use to gas stations and charging stations. Forgot your wallet? Don’t worry! You can easily make payments without cash or credit cards through the ☺ ‘CarPay’ payment service. We hope parking congestion at payment stations will be reduced. At Incheon International Airport ✈, we pay special attention to even the parking details. ☺

Looking back on what’s been going on at Incheon Airport ✈, July was quite eventful!  What did you think about all the ongoing efforts to make Incheon Airport, a place of convenience, care, and safety? Incheon Airport ✈ continues to push for development and advancement in all areas, from psychological stability, service, and regional co-prosperity. Please continue to take special interest in all that’s going on!

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