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How do you spend your waiting time while traveling? Thanks to Wi-Fi being available at airports and on airplanes, we are able to pass the time on our phones or devices. Of course we can enjoy a good movie, TV show, or even games. However, there’s also the more classic and age-old pastime of reading. 📕 

Reading that book you had collecting dust in an unfamiliar travel destination can present a completely different experience. For people who love traveling, books, and stories, there was a special talk concert this past June at Incheon Airport. 👏👏🏻

For those who missed it, here’s a look at the talk concert about travel and books featuring writer Kim Young-ha and hosted by singer Yozo.

A talk concert about travel and books! Incheon Airport’s ‘Book A Travel’

A special talk concert titled “Book A Travel” was held on June 23, 2022 against the backdrop of all the planes landing and taking off at Incheon Airport’s Passenger Terminal 1, airside, Little Forest. Here, people were able to witness the great chemistry between the host and speaker of the event.  

Speaker at Incheon Airport’s Book A Travel talk concert: A man who loves traveling as much as he loves books, Kim Young-ha

This talk concert featured Kim Young-ha, a writer that often springs to mind when one thinks of traveling and books. He’s popped up on many broadcasts, including “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge” and “You Quiz on the Block”, not to mention he recently published his full-length novel, “Farewell”. Kim has a unique perspective on travel, as can be seen in his book “Reason for Travel”. Through this talk concert, the audience was able to hear his take on the meaning of travel and all the people he had the pleasure of meeting while traveling. 😆

Host of Incheon Airport’s Book A Travel talk concert: Musician, writer, and bookstore owner, Yozo

The host of this talk concert was musician, writer, and bookstore owner Yozo. Yozo has captivated the ears of many with her easy-to-listen-to voice, written various books under the name of Shin Soo-jin, and even runs a bookstore named “Chaekbang Musa” that is basically an extension of Yozo. As a person who holds books near and dear to her heart, she was the perfect person to accompany Kim Young-ha in “Book a Travel”.

Aren’t you curious about the chemistry these two people had on stage?

Site of Incheon Airport’s Book A Travel

Incheon Airport’s “Book a Travel” had 20 people in attendance who were selected via Instagram. As fans of both Kim Young-ha and Yozo, the audience was entranced and interacted whole-heartedly throughout the two-hour long event.

The event was held in an open space in the airport, naturally attracting the attention of passers-by. Kim Young-ha’s entertaining stories incited laughter, providing airport goers and even airport employees with an enjoyable experience. ☺

“Traveling allows us to live this one life that we have in multiple layers.” This was one of the most memorable quotes of the talk concert! If you want to hear more about Kim Young-ha’s travel experiences and thoughts, visit Incheon Airport’s official YouTube channel!

Watch Book A Travel for yourself!

1st halfㅣWatch the video
2nd halfㅣWatch the video

Traveling and reading both offer relaxation and enrichment to our lives. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we were stripped of travel and suffered many hardships as a planet. With more and more people going on trips again, why not rediscover the meaning of travel through Incheon Airport’s talk concert “Book a Travel”.

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