Special Exhibition: A Taste of Korean Elegance

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There are many places in Incheon Airport where you can enjoy the taste and style of Korean food. This is one of the reasons why people are enveloped in a uniquely Korean atmosphere while simply walking through the airport. There’s currently a special exhibition at Incheon Airport that allows airport goers to experience Korean food in a deeper way.  

Joining forces with the Korea Craft and Design Foundation, there is an ongoing exhibition dubbed A Taste of Korean Elegance <MAT-MUT Box>. Shall we take a closer look? ☺

What is an exhibition ‘A Taste of Korean Elegance’ <MAT-MUT Box>?

Incheon Airport ‘A Taste of Korean Elegance Special Exhibition’ <MAT-MUT Box>

Dates: June 23, 2022-August 17, 2022
Location: Incheon Airport, Passenger Terminal 1, Center of 3rd floor

The A Taste of Korean Elegance appears to be a simple wooden closet at first glance. However, you’ll find out that there’s more than meets the eye when you open all the little doors. Inside, there are various colorful traditional Korean dishes. The A Taste of Korean Elegance <MAT-MUT Box> is a box-shaped hands-on exhibition falling under the theme of “feast”, aiming to spread Korean food culture.

You can find the exhibition at the center of the third floor of Incheon Airport’s Passenger Terminal 1. This is just the beginning as the exhibition will travel from Seoul to Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan and then New York in the United States. Isn’t it exciting to think of all the different people from around the world who will be able to experience and learn more about Korean cuisine?

The exhibition is split into two main parts: Korean Food Dorak Culture Box, Royal Feast Culture Box. Let’s learn more about these two different boxes. ☺

01. Experience Korean Food with all the senses! Korean Food Dorak Culture Box

How much do you know about Korean traditional food? In the Korean Food Dorak Culture Box exhibition, you can experience with your eyes and ears, a variety of Korean food that we don’t come across often.

The Korean-Dorak Culture Box is made up of four different boxes. First, there’s the “Introductory Box” that does just that; introduce Korean cuisine to viewers. Then there’s the “Sound Box” that shows viewers the entire process of cooking to eating via sound. The stimulating sounds will convince viewers they’re actually sitting in front of a table covered with delicious Korean food. 

There are also interactive experiences for viewers. The “Korean Food Box” allows viewers to figure out their Korean food preferences and even share the results with their friends. The last box is the “Fun Box” which allows viewers to pick and design a lunch box for themselves and even wrap it in cloth in a very traditionally Korean manner.

02. Now this is a Korean party! The Royal Feast Culture Box

What kind of food was served at large-scale royal feasts back in the day? The <Royal Feast Culture Box> allows viewers to learn about these special festive menu items and all the culture and excitement that they bring.

The Royal Feast Culture Box is set against the backdrop of “Irworobongdo” (a traditional folding screen with paintings that were set in royal palaces in the Joseon Dynasty) and “hanbok” (traditional Korean attire). The blue lanterns hanging on each end of the box also adds to the traditional and festive spirit. ☺

Now this is something worth mentioning! During the exhibition’s run, there will be a special giveaway where traditional Korean wrapping cloth featuring beautiful images will be given to people who fill out a short survey on a first-come-first-serve basis.  If you happen to visit Incheon Airport during the summer vacation season, check out this exhibition and maybe even win a beautiful wrapping cloth in the process!

Today we took a look at the special exhibition ‘A Taste of Korean Elegance’ <MAT-MUT Box>. This is on the heels of our last event, <Hangul Experiment Project>, as we continue to spread awareness on Korean culture. Please continue to take interest in Incheon Airport’s efforts in elevating our status as a global place of culture and art. ☺

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