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There must be many people tossing and turning because they can’t sleep well thanks to the so-called tropical nights that came with the summer heat. On days like this, you just want to go to a nice, cool place. There are beautiful spots to help you forget about these hot, humid nights! These are hidden attractions where you can see the Milky Way like jewels embroidering the night sky. 💫

A place where anyone can see stars without professional equipment! Curious? Incheon Airportwill show you great places to avoid the tropical nights and see the stars ⭐. Let’s go enjoy the stars with Incheon Airport on a night when we can’t sleep well anyway! 🎶

The closest place to the stars in Korea, Gangneung Anbandegi

Gangneung Anbandegi Village

428 Anbandegi-gil, Wangsan-myeon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

The first place recommended by ✈ Incheon Airport; Gangneung Anbandegi, the place with the most stars in Korea! It is located 1,100m above sea level, so you feel closer to the stars.🌟 It is called Anbandegi because it has a dense yet spacious topography similar to an anban, a pounding board for rice cakes.

Cabbage fields spread out across a wide area the size of 300 soccer fields, so just looking at the scenery makes you feel wide open. It is a place that provides various merits, day and night due to the starlight that spreads out above your head after dark.

The area is also high up, so you can enjoy the cool weather all year round. That’s why it’s also famous as a place without hot and sticky nights.🌬 It’d be perfect for people who are tired of the sweltering days and sweaty nights at the moment!

“Taebaek Gumunso” where you can enjoy a starlight drive along the Milky Way

Taebaek Gumunso

Gumunso-dong Taebaek City, Gangwon Province

The next place to introduce is ‘Gumunso’ located in Taebaek. Taebaek is the highest city in Korea with an average elevation of 902 meters and has a low light pollution index, so it is no exaggeration to say that it’s the perfect place to gaze up at the stars! ✨

The name “Gumunso” is derived from the meaning that the water from the Hwangjicheon Stream in the upper reaches of the Nakdonggang River rides down the large mountain to form a stone gate. It has been designated as Natural Monument No. 417, and it is a popular attraction for many people to visit. In addition, Taebaek boasts as many as six stargazing locations, including the Hambaek Mountain Milky Way Road, Aurora Park, and Tantan Park.

As the “Summer Nights without Heat and Humidity, Milky Way Tour” event will be held until the end of August, you can enjoy the fun of visiting the Milky Way in Taebaek, collecting stamps, and receiving gifts. Why don’t you enjoy a starlight drive with that special someone around this time of year, July-August, a great time to view the Milky Way?

As romantic as a scene in a movie, “Yeongwol Byeolmaro Observatory.”

Yeongwol Byeolmaro Observatory

397, Yeongwol-eup Observatory-gil, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do Province

Byeolmaro Astronomical Observatory, which carries the meaning of “a quiet summit looking out at the stars,” is a famous place where you can see the silent night sky embroidered with stars  fitting for its name. When you reach the top of Bongnaesan Mountain in Yeongwol, Gangwon-do province, you can see Byeolmaro Observatory. Isn’t it amazing that you can view not only stars but also the moon and planets through the main and auxiliary telescopes? 🪐

For those who came to see the stars with big expectations, but couldn’t due to cloudy and rainy weather, the “planetarium” is where you can enjoy the night sky at any time. There’s also a “media zone” where you can see the beautiful universe and aurora on the overlapping screens. Every Saturday in July, there is also a “Starry Night” musical that is good to watch with the whole family, so it’s recommended you stop by.☺

It’s not just about looking at the beautiful stars though. At Byeolmaro Observatory, you can experience paragliding and enjoy the wind while flying close to the sky. Setting off from Byeolmaro Observatory at 800m above sea level, you can see the panoramic views of Yeongwol at a glance. If you like being active, visit the observatory to create a day that satisfies all five of your senses!

A bright starry night in Gapyeong. “Hwa-ak Tunnel Ssamji Park”

Hwa-ak Tunnel Ssamji Park

Mt. 228-1 Hwa-ak-ri, Buk-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do province

The last place that Incheon Airport will introduce is Gapyeong’s Hwa-ak Tunnel Ssamji Park. In 2020, singer Hwasa visited in I Live Alone and it gained huge popularity! Thanks to the clear night sky, you can see not only the stars but also the Milky Way. 🌠

Hwa-ak Tunnel Ssamji Park is located in Gapyeong, so you can get there from Seoul by car in one and a half to two hours. On a night when you can’t sleep because of the heat, if you go for a drive looking up at the stars with your friends and loved ones, it will become a memory of a lifetime! ⭐

This place also boasts a high altitude of 900m above sea level. You can avoid the tropical nights because it is the highest spot in Gyeonggi-do province. Also, Hwa-ak-san Mountain, where the park is located, is popular not only during the summer but also in the fall for its autumn foliage, 🍁 so why don’t you experience various night skies this summer and fall?

Today, Incheon Airport ✈ recommended star-gazing spots. How did you like it? Has it been a long time since you’ve seen ⭐ a night sky full of stars? Why don’t you take this opportunity to go back to your childhood with your family, lovers, and friends in tow? Incheon Airport will be back with more interesting and fun places, so please continue to keep an eye out for our posts and show us some love!

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