World’s First Duty-Free Zone to Open!

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You’ve arrived at Incheon Airport ahead of your trip. ✈ What do you typically do until boarding time after you’ve entered the duty-free zone? If you’ve typically spent your time eating, shopping, or resting, starting, you can enjoy a different type of experience.

A special lounge will be specially created for gamers in the duty-free zone of Incheon Airport, a first for any airport in the world. Gamers gather around, let’s take a closer look at this great news! ☺

Play the Biggest Game in the World, <League of Legends>, at Incheon Airport

In recent years, the Esports market has achieved remarkable growth and has become a craze that has taken over the world. Incheon Airport ✈ has also jumped on the Esports bandwagon.  

The leading game in the Esports industry is <League of Legends>, called LoL for short. Even those who aren’t gamers have at least heard of games like LoL or Faker. LoL is the world’s top-grossing game, with 100 million users playing it every month. Due to this explosive popularity, it was even established as an official event at the 2022 Asian Games this upcoming September.

In collaboration with LoL’s production company, Riot Games, Incheon Airport has become the world’s first airport that allows users to enjoy LoL. Starting from the second half of this year, airport goers can enjoy LoL at the Gamer Lounge, located on the third floor of the duty-free zone in Passenger Terminal 1.

Take a Peek at Incheon Airport’s Gamer Lounge, a Space for Different Cultural Experiences

Incheon Airport’s Gamer Lounge will be a place where gamers and non-gamers alike will be able to enjoy a different cultural experience. ☺

There are many things to see and enjoy, including a gaming zone where you can play LoL, a cultural and artistic exhibition space that fuses content from Korean culture and Riot Games, a top of the line media space for Esports, and a photo zone for passengers to take shots for their Instagram.

If you want to make time fly while at Incheon Airport, make sure to pay a visit to the Gamer Lounge which will open in the second half of this year!

Incheon Airport will also be teaming up with global fashion brands, Louis Vuitton and Gentle Monster, to create a cultural space for passengers to enjoy. We will continue to plan more fun events for our passengers, so please stay tuned for future Incheon Airport updates! ☺

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