Meet the Adorable Bellygom at Incheon Airport!

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Have you heard of the social media star Bellygom? Boasting 3 million fans, the superstar bear has popped up at Incheon Airport!

There is a special event featuring the character Bellygom at Incheon Airport, running until September 18th of this year. With more travelers visiting Incheon Airport, Bellygom is set on spreading joy and promoting Incheon Airport’s smart services. Let us fill you in on the details. ☺

Take a picture with Bellygom! 📷

You’ll spot Bellygom in various locations throughout Incheon Airport during the event period. First off, make note of where you can take a great photo with Bellygom. Just visit the 3rd floor of Incheon Airport’s Passenger Terminals 1 and 2. There you’ll see a three meter tall Bellygom welcoming you. ✋ Take your travel excitement up another notch by taking a picture with Bellygom before boarding your plane!

That’s not all! Bellygom will be hiding on the electronic display boards, the areas’ walls, and the self-check-in kiosks. Thanks to the adorable Bellygom, Incheon Airport will be decorated here and there with bright pink.

Receive a Bellygom boarding pass and pouch by simply using the Smart Check-In Zone!

We’ve also prepared memorabilia for you to remember your run-in with Bellygom at Incheon Airport for a long time! Simply just use a self-check-in kiosk. After checking yourself in at Self-check in Kiosk, you will receive your boarding pass with Bellygom on it. During the event period, Bellygom will also pop up in the videos on the self-check-in kiosks so don’t be afraid to make use of them.

On that note, let us share a bit of info.There are five Smart Check-In Zones at Incheon Airport where you can check yourself in and do a self bag drop. By using the Smart Check-In Zone, you can check yourself and your luggage in without waiting in the long lines at the conventional check-in counter. This can save you time!

We’ll also be giving away bonus gifts to those that use the self-check-in kiosks to check themselves and their luggage in! Limited edition Bellygom travel pouches will be given out. Enjoy the convenience of self-check-ins and make fun memories with Bellygom in the process!

(*Bellygom travel pouches will start being distributed from Thursday, August 18th and continue while supplies last.)

The Incheon Airport x Bellygom promotional event will run from July 25th for two months. This will be especially welcome news for those that plan to visit Incheon Airport for their summer travels. For those that don’t have such plans, you can still get your Bellygom fix by checking out the video of Bellygom serving as a self-check-in guide for a day on Incheon Airport’s Youtube channel! We’ll be back to share more fun events being held at Incheon Airport. ☺

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