Incheon Airport Declares ESG Charter

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As interest in the environment and the future of our society increases, ‘ESG’ has become an important concept in the realm of business. ESG is based on the philosophy that sustainable development can only be achieved by considering the impact of corporate activities on the environment, society, and governance.

On July 1, Incheon Airport Corporation also declared its ESG Charter to strengthen its full-fledged commitment to ESG management. It is the first public institution to declare such a charter. (Applause!) 👏 Let us fill you in on what the ESG charter at Incheon Airport is like and what ESG activities Incheon Airport is partaking in!☺

About 300 People Attend Incheon Airport’s ESG Charter Declaration Ceremony

The declaration ceremony was attended by the president of Incheon Airport Corporation,  Kim Kyung-wook, along with about 300 executives and employees representing various sectors of ESG. Reading the full text of the “Incheon Airport Corporation ESG Charter” helped to strengthen our will to practice ESG management. While reading the charter ourselves, we were reminded of the social values and responsibilities that Incheon Airport carries. 💪

The ESG Charter of Incheon Airport Corporation contains various contents on the three main branches: E for environment, S for social responsibility, and G for governance. The charter incorporates Incheon Airport’s specific ESG vision, including carbon neutrality, a virtuous cycle of resources, shared growth, respect for workers and their safety, integrity, and participation of stakeholders.

Incheon Airport has been regularly publishing Green Reports since 1995, which is even before the construction of its terminal began. This charter declaration is especially significant being that environmental conservation and sustainability has always been important to us.❗

1. Incheon Airport ESG : Low-Carbon, Eco-Friendly Management

Incheon Airport announced its vision for ESG management in June 2021. Signs of efforts being made to bring this ESG vision to life can be spotted amidst airport operations.

One thing that stands out is the eco-friendly construction of the airport 🌲 infrastructure. Incheon Airport became the first Asian airport to join the Global RE100 in February last year. (*RE100: A global eco-friendly campaign aimed at converting 100% of corporate electricity supply to renewable energy sources by 2050.) It aims to obtain 100% of the electricity used at Incheon Airport from renewable energy by 2040. Projects such as using eco-friendly models for corporate vehicles 🚘 and building facilities to generate renewable energy are currently in the works.

There’s also ongoing research being done on how to reduce carbon emissions in the aviation industry. The answer lies in establishing a bio-aviation fuel supply system. Bio-aviation fuel is manufactured by processing ingredients extracted from plants and used cooking oil, and is in the spotlight as an effective means of reducing aviation carbon emissions. ☺

2. Incheon Airport ESG: Pursuing the Value of Co-Existence & Co-Prosperity, Transparent & Sound Governance System

As Incheon Airport is an institution that serves the Korean people, we have actively collected and incorporated the opinions of the people in our ESG practices. In June, we made changes to our ESG plans based on the information gained from our “National Incheon Airport ESG Public Proposal Contest” and the operations of the Citizens’ Participation Innovation Group.

Accordingly, we have planned to focus on restoring jobs in the aviation industry following the COVID-19 pandemic and strengthen various social contribution efforts such as improving the rights for those that are transportation-disadvantaged and creating a barrier-free travel environment. These are steps to ultimately pursue the value of coexistence and co-prosperity in which everyone can use our airport services happily. Resources needed to build an ESG management ecosystem of SMEs will be achieved through consulting and financial support.

Lastly, in order to establish Incheon Airport as a public institution of integrity that the people can trust, we are following various governance improvement systems, including attendance checks for the workers’ board of directors. Please continue to support Incheon Airport throughout our efforts! 👍

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We have shared with you information on Incheon Airport’s ESG Charter. The plans show how people from all walks of life are working hard to create a sustainable airport for future societies! Please support the ever-developing ESG management of Incheon Airport, and we’ll be back with more meaningful updates next time.☺

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