Incheon Airport Launches ‘Visible ARS’ Service

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A lot of questions can pop up when you go to the airport.❓ Questions like, “Are there restaurants that open at dawn?” or “Where should I park?”. Sometimes emergency situations arise where you lose your luggage or miss your flight.

When you need help in moments like these, the fastest and easiest way to get assistance is to call the call center☎. Incheon Airport operates a 24-hour comprehensive information call center (1577-2600). To make it even more convenient for those who visit the airport, a Visible Automated Response System (ARS) Service was launched on July 1st of this year! Here’s how you can make use of Incheon Airport’s “Visible ARS.” 😀

Visible ARS to Access Airport Information More Quickly and Easily

‘Visible ARS’ is a user-centered platform where you can select and use the desired service menu with a simple tap on your smartphone. Unlike the existing, conventional ARS, there is no need to wait for the recording to finish speaking. It’s also convenient because you can choose the information you want in real time through a visible screen📱 instead of having to hold your phone to your ear.

If you call the Incheon Airport General Information Call Center (1577-2600), you can choose from Voice ARS, Visible ARS, and connecting with a representative. This helps to save time because callers can pick the type of service that best suits their specific situation.

In addition to Korean, there are also English, Japanese, and Chinese services provided for foreign customers 🌍. This allows for a system that practically any airport visitor can make use of.

Top Questions from Our Airport Customers!

Let’s take a closer look at Incheon Airport’s visible ARS. On the screen, you’ll find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions received by the call center from airport users. Specifically, you can get information on airplane departures/arrivals, how to contact an airline, parking and transportation, lost and found, commercial businesses, amenities, etc. Visible ARS is very useful because you’re able to see other common areas of concerns which may be something you may end up needing information on later. 💯

Through this service, those that may not have been able to use voice ARS in the past can now use the call center freely via Visible ARS. Incheon Airport will continue to strive to improve upon any weak spots in our various services.

Incheon Airport✈ Customer Center Home Page

We talked about the launch of the Visible ARS service at Incheon Airport! In addition to this, Incheon Airport also operates ‘AIRBOT’, a real-time information chatbot. We’ll continue to work hard to improve airport convenience, so that you can use our facilities worry-free. ☺ Check back with us for more news next time!

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