The 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival Set to Take Place

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The 2022 Incheon International Airport Sky Festival will finally make its return! The event had been canceled due to COVID-19 and converted into a drive-in broadcast concert for the past two years. This year however, we are able to enjoy the exciting music festival outdoors again. Make some noise! 📢📢

From K-POP to crossover concerts and hip-hop contests, the lineup is stacked! There are going to be a lot more programs, such as design pop-up stores and airport photo booths! Don’t you already feel the anticipation and excitement brewing? This global music festival will run for three days. Listen up, let us fill you in on all the details for the upcoming 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival! 💖

The 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival Gears Up

The 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival will be held at Incheon Airport’s Lawn Plaza and Sky Garden for three days from Friday, September 23, 2022 to Sunday, September 25, 2022. 🎆 There will be various concerts and art picnic programs for you to enjoy.

The key thing to note here is that all performances and admission to the venue will be free! Incheon Airport wanted to express gratitude to the airport employees and passengers, not to mention spread the beauty of Korean culture to visiting international passengers. It won’t cost you a thing, so why not stop by Incheon Airport for an enjoyable, culture-filled weekend?

* Ticket Open Date for 3 Concert
– Incheon Airport HIPHOP Contest(Sep. 23) : September 5, 2022, 4PM (KST)
– K-POP Concert(Sep. 24) : September 5, 2022, 8PM (KST)
– CROSSOVER Concert(Sep. 25) : September 5, 2022, 5PM (KST)

Day 1 (9/23): Incheon Airport’s Hip Hop Contest with Lee Mu-jin & BE’O

The first day of the Sky Festival! What will be the opening performance to kick off this exciting run? (Drum roll…) The “Global Hip Hop Contest”! A hip-hop dance battle of 19 domestic and international teams that made it past the cut-throat preliminary rounds will be held at the Lawn Square from 6 PM. You’ll be able to see some of the hottest hip hop dance performances in person. Get ready to play judge and choose your personal favorite team. It won’t be easy, so get ready to make that difficult pick!

That’s not all! Lee Mu-jin 🚥 and BE’O, who were launched to stardom through the shows “Sing Again” and “Show Me the Money”, will put on a special performance. The first night of the festival will be jam-packed with music and dance. Under the “red light, blue light” on stage, the “pearls of the night sky” ⭐will perform for you. Let’s all enjoy the night! 

Day 2 (9/24): The Star of the Festival, K-Pop Concert!

On Saturday, the second day of the festival, the star of the Incheon Airport Sky Festival will take place! A k-pop concert featuring some of the most popular singers that have led the Korean Wave will perform on one stage. Here’s a peek at the line-up!

THE BOYZ / MAMAMOO / Kep1er / VIVIZ / Urban Zakapa / Lee Seok-hoon / Gaho

Just looking at the lineup is enough to get you humming and bopping in your seat. 💃 And to think you can enjoy these performances for free! Have you heard of such an amazing festival? (Whispers) Word is that you can capture some great shots of idols at the Sky Festival… So k-pop fans from Korea and abroad, we welcome you! 🖐

Day 3 (9/25): Treat Your Ears to the Cross-Over Concert

The long-awaited finale of the Incheon Airport Sky Festival will be the crossover concert. A grand harmony of voices will raise the bar when it comes to class. Pianist Lim Dong-min, violinist Danny Koo, popera singer Kai, and singing duo Davichi will take to the stage.

Just imagine looking up to watch the planes pass overhead while beautiful crossover music is performed in front of you. 🎵 It’s a different vibe when the concert backdrop is an airport. Vibes strong enough to chase away your Monday Blues the next day even. It will be a treat for the eyes and ears that you don’t want to miss!

Go on a Weekend Art Picnic!

Now you may be thinking, “Is the Sky Festival only during the evening hours?” Nope! There will be so many programs going on from morning to night to keep you busy and entertained.

There are various programs related to culture and art being prepared, such as the Gachi Gachi (Value Together) Pop-Up Store, Picnic Art Book Market, One Day Art Class, and Giant Pop Art Exhibition. You have lots to look forward to!

Also, you’ve heard of the four-frame photo trend, right? Incheon Airport had to jump on the “four cut” (as it’s called in Korea) bandwagon! There will be a photo booth at the Incheon Airport Sky Festival for you to take four-frame shots with your family, friends, or significant other. So smile, and capture your special moments on camera! 📷

Finally, you need fuel to enjoy all of this. There will be an area near the festival venue called Tasty Village for you to buy delicious food at 🍢.

Throughout the festival’s run, there will be a stamp tour and proof of concert attendance events held together. Big raffle prizes 🎁 like Dyson products, iPads, and Apple watches will be given away, so be sure to test your luck and participate! If you post up photos from the festival on your social media, Incheon Airport will try to find it and press that like button 👍!

The 2022 Incheon International Airport Sky Festival is gearing up to make the autumn nights of Incheon Airport spectacular! We gave a quick run-through of the main events set to take place. Did any in particular pique your interest? Perhaps you should share this post with the people you want to take with you! We hope to see you at Incheon Airport from September 23-25th!

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