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Do you remember the Incheon Airport Travel Photo Contest that was held last July? Thanks to everyone’s support and participation, we were able to share with one another precious memories from past travels.😍 We here at Incheon Airport, couldn’t just keep these photos for ourselves! This is why we decided to create a space where everyone can enjoy the photos and reminisce on the excitement of traveling. We present the Incheon Airport Travel Photo Exhibition, “Hope to Meet Again, Road”.

The pandemic had put all our travel plans on pause. I’m sure we all have caught ourselves going through old travel photos on our phones to try to soothe our longing for travel. We have prepared an exhibition that will scratch that travel itch. Read on for all the details! 🔍

What is the Incheon Airport Photo Exhibition, <Hope to Meet Again, Road>?

The theme of the Incheon Airport Travel Photo Exhibition is ‘Hope to Meet Again, Road’. There is a total of 70 works that fall under two sub-themes: “Hope to discover a new me” and “Hope to be together again” 🖼. All of the photos on display were selected from the Incheon Airport Travel Photo Contest.

The theme of the exhibition also captures Incheon Airport’s “hopes to meet all of our passengers again” after a long wait. In line with that, we decorated the exhibition space to look like an airport ✈! This will hopefully make you feel like you’re waiting at the airport ahead of a flight!

So, where can you check out the Incheon Airport Travel Photo Exhibition? This exhibition will be held at the Metro Art Museum 1 on level B1 located at Gyeongbokgung Station on Seoul Subway Line 3. Anyone can come to enjoy the free exhibition for a period of seven days from September 7th to September 13th. Subways 🚇 are always crowded with people on the move. Take a moment to stop, look at the travel photos, and take a breather!

Incheon Airports Photo Exhibition

Period : Wednesday, September 7, 2022 – Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Exhibition will be open only until 12:00 PM on September 13th before being taken down.
Venue : Gyeongbokgung Station on Line 3, B1 at the Metro Museum 1

#1. Hope to Discover a New Me

It takes a lot of courage and determination to step into a world you’ve never experienced before. In that sense, travel is an opportunity to discover a “new you”. When you walk through a new scenery abroad, you feel a sense of overwhelming freedom.

The first section of the Incheon Airport Travel Photo Exhibition contains the moments of discovering a new us while on a trip. Like looking out at majestic sights of nature or experiencing small mundane moments in an exotic place. You can feel the adventure in the photos that in turn relax your mind. Who knows? Maybe living vicariously through these travel photos taken by others will help you to discover a new you in the process!

#2. Hope to Be Together Again

The second section of the Incheon Airport Travel Photo Exhibition is “Hope to Be Together Again”. This time, we focus on others; the loved ones that we travel with. 🗺

Traveling alone is great and all, but the memories from trips with friends, family, and lovers 👫 often last longer. Sometimes, we even create unforgettable memories with strangers that you run into coincidentally.  That’s the beauty of traveling. We make connections with others that may look and think differently from us.

Looking at all the happy travel moments from the photos will quench your own thirst for going on a trip somewhere! Another fun part of the exhibition is to choose your favorite travel destination out of all the choices displayed in the 70 different works. Traveling around the world is finally a possible reality again. Why not celebrate this change by visiting this photo exhibition? The exhibition tickets were designed to look like boarding passes 🎫, so hurry and “check in”✔ at the Incheon Airport Travel Photo Exhibition!

That was a brief summary of the Incheon Airport Travel Photo Exhibition. What did you think? It’s worth mentioning that the exhibition period also overlaps with the Chuseok holidays! Why not tour Gyeongbokgung (Gyeongbok Palace) and then stop by to check out the photo exhibition 📸? It’ll be a great experience for those itching with the travel bug. On that note, Incheon Airport will also “hope to meet again” with you as you hit the travel “road”.

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