2022 Kiaf Incheon Airport Special Exhibition

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Earlier this month, there was an art festival that gathered a lot of attention at COEX in Seoul. 👀 The Korea International Art Fair (Kiaf), which is the largest art fair in Korea. 70,000 people were said to have flocked to Kiaf Seoul. This grand-scale art festival was a hit with not just the art circle, but even the business management circle. And this very art festival is set to take place for another run at Incheon Airport! 😃

The 2022 Kiaf Incheon Airport Special Exhibition is the focus of this post! This isn’t something just for art lovers, but for anyone who’s coming through Incheon Airport. Let’s dive into the details of the 2022 Kiaf Incheon Airport Special Exhibition!

2022 Kiaf Incheon Airport Special Exhibition Returns!

A total of 20 galleries 🖼 will participate in the the 2022 Incheon Airport Kiaf Special Exhibition. The exhibition is in its second year, this time under the theme of “We Connect Art & Future 2nd Edition“.  From modern art to media art, there will be a total of 60 of some of the most representative pieces from each participating gallery.

The Korea International Art Fair (Kiaf) was first launched in 2002 and is the first and largest international art market in Korea. For 20 years, it has built its reputation by introducing leading galleries and artists from within Korea and abroad. This collaboration between Kiaf and Incheon Airport is all the more notable being that the latter has been budding as a global culture and arts airport. ✨ This year, Kiaf was held at COEX in collaboration with FRIEZE, one of the world’s top three art fairs.

The 2022 Incheon Airport Kiaf Special Exhibition runs for five weeks from August 22nd to September 25th! It will be held at Incheon Airport Terminal 1’s Transportation Center. There’s not much time left, so you should hurry to appreciate all the wonderful sights! It’s full of amazing, clever, and witty works. 🙌

How to Fully Enjoy the 2022 Kiaf Incheon Airport Special Exhibition 🔍

At the 2022 Kiaf Incheon Airport Special Exhibition, you’ll be able to easily find NFT (non-fungible token) works. For example, catch digital art pioneer Cody Choi’s “DATA BASE PAINTING, ANIMAL TOTEM, TIGERS #2208030” or “Modern Life is Rubbish #12” by a promising NFT artist in Korea named Mr. Unknown. Don’t you think it’s more meaningful to see NFT works at Incheon Airport, an airport known to use cutting-edge technology to establish itself as a smart airport? 😀

Lastly, here’s a tip on how to get more information on each of the art pieces at the Kiaf special exhibition! Simply look for the QR code next to each piece. The QR code 📱 makes it easy to access the description of the pieces and their respective galleries. If that’s not enough, docent guides are available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You’ll be able to learn about the meaning behind each work directly from art experts, so don’t miss out!

2022 Incheon Airport Korea International
Art Fair (Kiaf) Special Exhibition

Dates : August 22, 2022 to September 25, 2022
Venue : Incheon Airport Terminal 1, Transportation Center

A grand-scale art festival at the airport, the 2022 Kiaf Incheon Airport Special Exhibition! To top it all off, the 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival will be held on the last three days of the special exhibition.  🎉 Check out the artwork, watch great performances, and soak in the different cultural experiences! Incheon Airport will continue to strive to be a diverse, cultural, and artistic space for everyone. 💖

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