A Look at the 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival

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Did everyone have fun at the 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival 🎇? 😆 The many performances and passion from the audience lit up the night skies from September 23rd to the 25th. In fact, the energy from the Sky Festival seems to still linger in the air.

At the 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival, various programs–such as design pop-up stores and one-day art classes– and performances from a string of top singers made unforgettable memories for many people. The Incheon Airport Sky Festival was full of passion and romance! Here’s a run-through of memorable moments and all the special vibes the festival gave us so that those who couldn’t make it don’t feel too left out!

The Incheon Airport HIPHOP Contest : a wonderful mesh of dance and music.

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The 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival 🎇 featured spectacular performances every night, much to the delight of the audience. The long-awaited first performance that marked the beginning of the Sky Festival was the Incheon Airport HIPHOP Concert! 19 domestic and foreign teams, selected through cut-throat preliminaries, took to the stage at 6 o’clock.

Sixteen domestic and three foreign teams wowed the audience with their hip-hop dance moves! After major fierce competition, the BRANDNEW CHILD team won the final championship, securing the 4 million won prize! Congratulations to the winning team! With that said, the other crew members who participated in the contest also deserve a big round of applause. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

That wasn’t all! A special performance 🎤 was given by “Red~ Blue~” singer Lee Mu-jin and the voice behind “Counting Stars~”, BE’O. That was a wrap on the first night of the Sky Festival, a mesmerizing combination of music and dance. 🎶 😎

The Incheon Airport K-POP Concert: an impressive line-up making for an eclectic show.

The second night’s performance was the highlight of the 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival! The Incheon Airport K-POP Concert featured A-list singers🎤, bringing out the fan girl and fan boy in all of us. Seven representative artists from Korea’s music scene came out on stage, making the fans’ hearts and eardrums pound!

Fans were especially excited to see THE BOYZ, MAMAMOO, Kep1er, and VIVIZ, who are making waves not just in Korea, but abroad. The audience’s cheering and screaming every time one of them appeared on stage left our ears ringing. It was truly a special lineup that could only be seen at the Sky Festival! 😆

There’s more. Talented singers who moved the entire concert venue with their heartfelt singing. Urban Zakapa, Lee Seokhoon, and Gaho brought life to the K-POP concert. We were so happy to just be able to hear the voices of these top songwriters and notable vocalists. 😄

The Incheon Airport CROSSOVER Contest: refined voices ring through the autumn night.

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The last night of the 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival was one of romance. Top musicians in Korea helped create an unforgettable show. Instruments, voices, and even an entire orchestra! The CROSSOVER concert elevated the Sky Festival to another level.

First, there were people who played for us high-quality music. The best pianist 🎹 touching many hearts with his music in Korea, Lim Dong-min. Also, violinist 🎻 Danny Koo, who had captured hearts with his sweet melodies through the TV show JTBC Super Band 2. We can’t not mention the 50-membered Voronin Orchestra that worked together to create delightful symphonies.

There were musicians whose main instrument was their voices. Female duo Davichi have been a household name for a long time now for their consistent and unrivaled harmonies. One of the top musical actors in Korea, Kai, also joined in to deliver his performance. This last CROSSOVER concert was the perfect finale to the festival. 😍

Sky Festival Hands-On Programs: collaborating with local producers to create your own unique pieces.

So, were there only concerts at the Sky Festival? Absolutely not! Various programs were held throughout the event to provide more entertainment! These programs were all the more meaningful because they were collaborations with developmentally-challenged artists, local independent bookstores and writers.

The GACHI GACHI (Value Together) design pop-up store featured paintings and goods by artists with developmental disabilities. There was also a picnic art book market where people could buy books from independent bookstores and writers in Incheon, Seoul, and Gyeonggi-do. Thanks to such programs, we were able to get more diversity and representation at the Sky Festival. 😄

There were also art classes where people made their own creations: animal plaster air fresheners, hero dolls, little ghost dolls, terrariums, mother-of-pearl mirrors and even dreamcatchers! There were many people who took part to create their own special items 🎁 at the Sky Festival. With so much going on, three days may not have been enough to enjoy it all. 🤣

Other Stars of the Sky Festival: exhibitions, good eats, and raffle drawings.

There were many other aspects to enjoy at the Incheon Airport Sky Festival. We can’t forget about all the good food! There was Tasty Village, a gathering of food trucks that offered a variety of mouth-watering dishes. This festival made sure to take care of our tummies. ☺

We can’t leave out the airport photo booth that allowed people to show off four different poses and leave lasting memories in the process 🎞. There was also the stamp tour with stamps waiting in every corner for you to collect. A special event also took place, offering a chance for festival-goers to win prizes through a raffle drawing. The giveaway was an opportunity to make you feel like the star of the festival! Congratulations once again to all the raffle winners!

The 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival 🎇took place just in time for the cool autumn season’s arrival. It was three days of passion and energy 🔥from both performers and festival-goers.

The Incheon Airport Sky Festival will return even hotter than ever next year! So for those that missed out this year, you have next year to look forward to. For those that attended this year, now you know it’s something you won’t want to miss next year! Until then, please continue to support Incheon Airport ✈!

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