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Autumn 🍁 has arrived and September is coming to an end at Incheon Airport. On Chuseok, which marked the beginning of autumn, the airport was crowded with people traveling abroad after a long time. Most likely because the quarantine measures have finally been lifted!

Last week, the airport’s largest cultural festival, the 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival, was held at Incheon Airport’s Lawn Plaza. The event helped us to celebrate the arrival of fall in a festive way. In addition to this though, there were many other events that took place throughout the month of September at Incheon Airport. Aren’t you curious about what went on?

Before giving you the details, here are the September Headlines at a Glance!

📍 First airport in the world to receive Level 5 on ACI Customer Experience Certification
📍 Incheon Airport confirmed to host 2023 International Airport Council (ACI) Customer Experience Global Summit
📍 Automated Exchange Zone for contactless exchange services opens in Terminal 2
📍 2022 Incheon Airport Harang Festival to be held
📍 Top performing airlines given Network Reboot Excellence Airline Awards
📍 Incheon Airport wins Best Green Cargo Airport Award for the second consecutive year at 2022 Asian Freight, Logistics, and Supply Chain Awards
📍 The 6th World Air Conference (WAC) has successful run

Incheon Airport leads in customer experience. First airport in the world to get level 5 on ACI Customer Experience Certification

September was a month full of good news at Incheon Airport. First of all, Incheon Airport has become the world’s first and only level 5 airport 🖐. It is the highest level inn the Customer Experience Certification System conducted by the International Airport Council (ACI).

The customer experience certification system is a new program introduced by ACI in line with changes in the service paradigm that puts an emphasis on ‘creating value through customer experience’, going beyond just customer satisfaction. After thorough evaluation in eight areas, Incheon Airport has officially become the airport with the best service. 👏 👏

There was a lot of work done behind the scenes in order to achieve this feat. In fact, Incheon Airport conducted a study to understand the needs and psychology of our passengers (i.e. customers of the airport), developing measures like the “Customer Journey Map” and “Persona” 👪. In addition, we established a collaborative network with various institutions and airport employees to better differentiate the types of customer experiences.

The 2023 ACI Customer Experience Global Summit confirmed to be held at Incheon Airport!

In addition to our first story, Incheon Airport has been confirmed to co-host the 5th ACI Customer Experience Global Summit in September next year. It is a meaningful event where more than 600 airport industry officials from all over the world will gather in Incheon! ✈

Incheon Airport will team up with ACI to develop its operational and service know-how into a “global customer experience curriculum”. Please continue to support Incheon Airport’s journey as an international top airport that leads the wave in improving customer experience! 😀

Contactless currency exchange available in Terminal 2’s newly opened automated exchange zone

One thing you must do before going on a trip is get your currency exchanged 💵! These days, people can apply for currency exchange online in advance, and simply pick it up at the bank exchange office in the airport. Now you can exchange money even more quickly on ATM devices without stepping foot into a bank!

On September 6th, the automated exchange zone 🏧 opened in Passenger Terminal 2. It is a one-stop collection of currency exchange ATM devices from three major banks (Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, and Hana Bank). You can use the contactless exchange service without having to visit each of these banks individually. From picking up mobile currency exchange to on-the-spot foreign currency exchange and withdrawal, it makes exchanging the won very easy! Favorable exchange rates are also available for select bank customers so be sure to give these services a try before your next trip!

The automated exchange zone is located in Passenger Terminal 2, near counter D in the departures section on the 3rd floor and in the center of the arrival hall on the 1st floor. The ATMs in the departures section offer four currencies: American dollar, Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, and the Euro. The ATMS in the arrivals section offers up to 19 currencies, including the aforementioned four currencies, so please check for your needed currency in advance and stop by! 💱

The 2022 Incheon Airport Harang Festival on ethical human rights to take place

The next news is about the Incheon Airport Harang Festival, which will be held on October 1st. The festival, designed under the theme of “The World Living Together, Reaching Higher Together”, will be held free of charge at the Sky Cloud Square ☁ in Seaside Park of Yeongjongdo Island.
It is an opportunity to experience cultural content that promotes ethical human rights, delivered in an easy to understand and interesting manner. On the outdoor stage in the evening, there will also be a performance by the Bae Hee-kwan Band, which is made up of blind and non-visually impaired members. After that, you can also watch the barrier-free movie 📽 of Koda, winner of Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year.

The Incheon Airport Harang Festival will serve as a venue for sharing and communication with local residents! Incheon Airport will continue to make more efforts to implement people-centered ESG management, so please support our endeavors! 💕

Network Reboot Excellence Airline Awards Held to further promote overseas travel

The Incheon Airport Corporation is making various efforts to restore demand for overseas travel 🏖, which had been dampened by COVID-19. One of them is the Network Rebooting program! This program was implemented during the peak summer season of June to August to expand the provision of key routes in a total of 64 regions.

What was the result? As many as 21 routes have achieved a 50% or higher passenger recovery rate compared to before COVID-19! Applause please! 👏👏 On the 5th, an award ceremony was held, selecting airlines that showed excellent flight recovery performances. Jin Air’s Bangkok route performed best, followed by Air Seoul’s Guam route.

Incheon Airport plans to fund a total of 340 million won in operating, promotional, and marketing expenses for 12 routes, including the aforementioned two winning routes. Incheon Airport will work hard until overseas travel is a part of everyone’s normal life once again!

Incheon Airport wins Best Green Cargo Airport at 2022 Asian Freight, Logistics, and Supply Chain Awards for 2nd year in a row

In other big news, Incheon Airport won the Best Green Cargo Airport Award for the second consecutive year at the 2022 Asian Freight, Logistics, and Supply Chain Awards. It was selected by votes from industry officials as the best company in the logistics sector.

Incheon Airport has been making continuous efforts to strengthen its aviation logistics competitiveness. Last year, it handled 3.33 million tons of air cargo annually, ranking second in the world in terms of international cargo loads.

Incheon Airport’s performance is not just about the quantity of cargo. It was highly praised for being the first Asian airport to join the RE100 and preparing for transitioning into an eco-friendly airport 🌏. Incheon Airport will continue its efforts to become a future aviation logistics hub in Northeast Asia!

The 6th World Air Conference (WAC) Held Successfully in Incheon

The World Aviation Conference (WAC) 📢 had a successful run for three days from September 20-22 at Incheon Paradise City. This was especially meaningful being that it was the first in-person event in three years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WAC discussed various issues in the aviation industry in line with the post-pandemic era. Specifically, there were a total of five sessions on the agenda: New Normal, Carbon Neutral, Digital Transformation, Airline Partnership, and Airport Revenue Structure. Policies, trends, and case studies for each topic were shared and future-oriented discussions were held.

This year’s WAC was a venue for international harmony in the aviation industry! It was an opportunity for Incheon Airport to seriously consider the future of the aviation industry ✈, through the insights and lessons offered in each session.

Looking back on September, it was a busy month for Incheon Airport. That is a sign of recovery for the airport. Incheon Airport will do its best to provide the best 👍 service to all our customers who are finally back to visit us again.

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