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The day of your flight has arrived! 🌏 As you leave your home, you can’t help but wonder, “Will I be able to arrive at the airport on time and make my flight?” Especially with everyone flocking to the airport during the holidays, you’re bound to worry even more. Well, there is a service that can help calculate how long it will take for you to board. It’s the Incheon Airport Congestion Inquiry Service! 🖥

We will be introducing the Congestion Inquiry Service at Incheon Airport in detail and how you can use it. Those that are always stressed about making their flights will be especially happy to hear about this. Let’s dive in!

After checking in, check the airport’s congestion levels before heading into the departure hall!

Where is the first place you go when you arrive at the airport? The check-in counter! This is where you receive your boarding pass and check in your luggage. These days, mobile check-in and self-check-in systems are readily available, making the process easier. 👍

After checking in, you feel a lot lighter having exchanged your luggage for your boarding pass. Next, you are headed straight to the hallway with “Departure” written in big letters. On busy days, this is the process that you worry about the most when it comes to making your boarding time. This is the part where security scans 👨 take place! Due to meticulous security procedures, the line may be longer during peak travel season. This is where the Incheon Airport Congestion Inquiry Service can come in handy!

From blue to red! 4 varying levels of expected congestion at Incheon Airport.

The Incheon Airport Congestion Inquiry Service allows you to check the congestion levels of various airport departure halls using the number of actual passengers at Incheon Airport every hour. The number of passengers used here refers to the number of people waiting to get from a departure hall to the security checkpoint 👥.

Depending on the number of passengers per hour, congestion is categorized into four levels: BLUE, YELLOW, ORANGE, and RED. In other words, when the congestion level is blue 🔵, the departure hall is flowing smoothly. On the other hand, if the congestion level is red, it may be better to use a different departure hall ⚠.

In Incheon Airport’s Terminal 1, there are a total of six departure halls. Departure halls No. 1 and No. 6 give priority to those who are suffer from mobility impairment, thus aren’t included in the congestion inquiry service.  ❎ However, you can check the rest of the departure halls, along with departure halls No. 1 and No. 2 in Terminal 2. Be sure to use this service for smoother boarding!

Available to check on Incheon Airport’s official website and Naver search portals.

You can check airport congestion levels via Incheon Airport’s website. The airport usually has the largest number of passengers leaving early in the morning. If you find that the majority of departure halls are “crowded” around your check-in time, you may want to consider leaving for the airport a little earlier. You can also check airport congestion in real time on the Naver portal. Simply type in “Incheon Airport Congestion” in the Naver search box! That’s it. Easy, right?

Incheon Airport Congestion Inquiry Service

The expected congestion levels at Incheon Airport are updated every day on the Incheon Airport website at 17:00, up to two days before your departure date. As you pack your luggage and get ready for your trip, you can also check in advance which departure hall you should use and which counter is nearest to that hall. 🔎

Even if the departure time, arrival time, or gate number of your flight changes, all of that is reflected in real-time through the congestion inquiry service. It’s recommended you check congestion levels immediately after checking in for the most accurate and updated forecast.

What did you think of the Incheon Airport Congestion Inquiry Service that you can use before boarding? I think this was useful information for those that get nervous merely at the sight of people waiting in line for the security checkpoint. 🛄 In addition, Incheon Airport is planning to shorten the time to pass through the departure hall by establishing a smart security checkpoint. We will continue to make sure that passengers are able to use Incheon Airport more comfortably. Be sure to show us a lot of interest and support!

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