The 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair

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Fly Again! Incheon Airport is taking a hopeful leap forward to build a bright future for the aviation industry and the jobs in it! Today we have some good news that will be of interest to job seekers, especially job seekers who dream of getting a job in the airport and aviation sectors. The 5th aviation industry Job Fair 2022 will be held at Incheon Airport🎉! (Cue the applause!)

It will be held in-person for the first time in three years to help jump-start the aviation industry, which has been dampened by COVID-19. There will be various programs helping job-seekers get hired at the job fair. Let’s learn more about what is being planned! 😲

Anyone and everyone with an interest in the aviation industry are welcome! How to attend the 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair

The 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair, which is on its fifth run this year, will be held on the ground level and B1 level in Incheon Airport’s Passenger Terminal 1, Transportation Center for two days from October 27-28, 2022. Job seekers, students, and anyone who wants to get a job in the aviation and airport sectors are welcome! People of all ages and backgrounds, including women with career gaps, are all encouraged to attend.

As many as 80 aviation companies and related organizations will be participating this year! From public institutions and organizations such as Incheon International Airport Corporation and the Korea Civil Aviation Association, to airline companies like Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, and tourism and hotel sector companies such as Grand Hyatt Incheon and Ctrip Korea, you can meet all kinds of companies and organizations from the aviation industry.

Being that we are asking for so many people to attend, we realize offering actual, practical help and results are important. There are many programs prepared that will be beneficial to both job seekers and recruiters. From help on writing a resume to on-site recruiting! Hurry and sign up before it’s too late! 🤩

From job counseling to on-site recruitment! Hear from actual job incumbents themselves. 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair Program Guide

First, you can consult with about 80 companies at the corporate booth of the 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair. You can visit the booth and receive job counseling as well as information about each company. Some companies will even be hiring on-site! If there is a particular company you are curious about, it would be great to stop by.☺

Also, there will be an aviation job policy promotion center offering information about the overall aviation industry, including government policies related to aviation jobs and the ecosystem of aviation companies. There will be special industry booths to enhance your understanding of new growth industries, like that of advanced aviation drones, including UAMs and MROs!

In addition, there will be a mentoring hall where you can hear from current job incumbents to learn about the industry and a resume photo studio where you can take photos to use for your own resume! You can even receive a consult on your personal image, makeup, and learn your personal colors to better prepare for job interviews. All helpful programs for anyone seeking to get hired, right? 😄

You can check for participating companies and programs in the 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair through the schedule above and the link to the website below! Learn more about aviation jobs and companies and apply for various programs!

2022 5th Aviation Industry Job Fair Official Schedule

9:00~10:00On-site registration and official startOn-site registration and official start
10:00~11:00Employment briefing session
(by company/organization)
Employment briefing session
(by company/organization)
11:00~12:00Guest speakerGuest speaker
12:00~13:00Break TimeBreak Time
13:00~15:00Work audition
(Final evaluations, awards)
Special lecture on employment (duties)
15:00~16:00Opening ceremony (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and TransportationJob search talk concert between industry seniors and juniors
16:00~17:00Special lecture on employment (duties)– Job policy briefing
– Employment briefing
(by company/organization)

2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair website

Events supporting job-seekers. Short-form challenge, job auditions (Smart Job challenge), photo encouragement event, and more!

Various events will be held to support the 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair and job-seekers. First of all, the Fly Again Short Form Challenge, held to celebrate the rebounding of the aviation industry, will be held until October 30th! A total of 1 million won in prize money and gifts will be awarded through a random drawing.  So, if you are interested, please participate through the link below.☺ 

Participate in the FLY AGAIN Short Form Challenge

There’s more. Job auditions (self-PR competitions) will be held for job seekers in the aviation field. Time to express your creative and feasible aviation job ideas and competencies! Aviation corporate personnel teams and professional interviewers will be on the search to find a new wave of talent. Prizes will be prepared for the winners through a screening process, so we invite all of you talented and skilled people to compete!

Participate in the Job Audition (Smart Job Challenge)

You shouldn’t miss the on-site event either! From gift certificates to eco tote bags, passport cases, AirPods, and Buds! Maybe you’ll get lucky and receive one of the many prizes that will be given out through a slew of special events: Electronic stamp (QR) tour, satisfaction surveys, time attack event, and field recruitment event. ☺

There are many people who are preparing to show off their abilities to join the aviation industry. Incheon Airport ✈ is cheering for all of you who are pouring your sweat and tears to take another step forward in life. We hope the 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair helps you achieve your goals. 🙏🏻.

What did you think about the useful information that Incheon Airport ✈ gave you today! We will be back next time with more news, so please continue to show us your interest and support!

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