Incheon Airport’s Automated, Contactless Self Exchange Zone

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These days, contactless services are a common sight! Did you know that you can now even exchange money 💱yourself at the airport? For those who are known to frantically search for banks while preparing for an overseas trip, listen up! On September 6, an automated currency exchange zone opened at Incheon Airport Terminal 2, called Self Exchange Zone.

This is good news for everyone, from those who urgently need their currency exchanged before leaving the country to those who use mobile currency exchange services. Let’s learn about Incheon Airport’s contactless Self Exchange Zone! 🔍

Automated Self Exchange Zone Opens in Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal 2!

The new automated Self Currency Exchange Zone opened at Incheon Airport’s Terminal 2! This is an integrated booth 🏧, which brings together exchange ATM devices from three banks in Incheon Airport. Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, and Hana Bank offer automated, contactless currency exchange services. The inconvenience of having to stop by each bank to get your currency exchanged while at the airport has been reduced!

Incheon Airport’s two automated currency exchange zones are located in the departure hall on the 3rd floor of Passenger Terminal 2 and the arrival hall on the 1st floor. The automated currency exchange zone 💵 at the departure hall on the 3rd floor supports transactions of the 4 most frequently used currencies (USD, JPY, CNY, EUR).

There are more currencies offered at the arrival hall on the first floor. Up to 19 currencies can be exchanged, including the four currencies offered in the departures hall, Canadian dollars, Singapore dollars, and Philippine pesos. These are all common currencies that people don’t know what to do with when people come back from overseas trips! Exchange money quickly and easily at the automated  Self Exchange Zone. 😀

Incheon Airport Automated Self Exchange Zone

Location : Near Counter D on 3rd floor of Departures Hall in Passenger Terminal 2
Central area of 1st floor of Passenger Terminal 2
Hours of operation : 06:00~22:00

What Services are Offered in the Automated Self Exchange Zone?

In the automated Self Exchange Zone of Incheon Airport, in addition to the basic exchange services, you can also link bank accounts from different banks for currency exchange, withdraw foreign currency from foreign currency accounts, and exchange won.

These days, many people choose to exchange money through a bank app 📲 before traveling. You can apply for a currency exchange on the app and receive the exchanged money at the airport on the day of your departure. Even if you choose to use such mobile currency exchange services, you can still receive the exchanged currency through ATM devices in the automated Self Exchange Zone. This is sure to be very handy when the airport gets very crowded during the holiday and end-of-the-year season!

In addition, there are special exchange rates being offered, based on the airport’s official exchange rate! With the exchange rate so high these days, many people hesitate to exchange money at the airport last minute. In the automated Self Exchange Zone, you can worry a little bit less about a higher exchange rate 💦.

Today, we introduced the automated Self Exchange Zone which opened at Incheon Airport Terminal 2. What did you think? The automated currency exchange zone will operate until the end of next year and then after consideration of utilization and satisfaction levels, services will be expanded to Passenger Terminal 1. If you are going on an overseas trip soon, please use the automated Self Exchange Zone and leave a review! 👏 Incheon Airport will continue to provide convenient services to all the passengers. 😆

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