Ongoing event! Incheon Airport’s Internet Survey on effects of marketing efforts.

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How interested are you in Incheon Airport ✈? We’re working hard to continue to introduce convenient facilities and services for you all! We also try to help passengers learn about airport-related news and updates quickly and easily. You can find out more about our efforts via Incheon Airport’s social media sources.😆

All of our ✈ promotional and marketing efforts were ultimately intended to provide you with fun and convenience. This year, after measuring the marketing/promotional effects of Incheon Airport, we plan to conduct a survey for further future development. We will give away gifts by randomly drawing winners from the pool of all those who participated. So don’t miss it! Here’s a run-through of how you can participate!

Conducting an Internet survey to measure the effectiveness of Incheon Airport’s promotions.

We here at Incheon Airport have been actively communicating and promoting through our social media channels. We have also given various airport updates through various social media outlets like Instagram, blogs, and YouTube.

Did you know that there is an Internet survey that can comprehensively evaluate the activities of Incheon Airport? Through this survey, we welcome your honest opinions on our promotional activities here at Incheon Airport. Based on your valuable opinions, we want to become a better and improved Incheon Airport!

The Internet survey will be conducted from October 28th to November 18th, 2022. Those who participated in the survey will be eligible to win a small gift through a random drawing, so please take part! We are waiting for your feedback🔥! Please refer to the following for how to participate in our Internet survey ☺ 

Internet Survey link

Internet Survey period

2022. 10. 28. – 2022. 11. 18.

Winner Announcement

2022. 11. 25

How to participate in Internet Survey

1. Must subscribe to Incheon Airport’s official account.
2. Click on the profile link
3. Participation is complete after filling out and submitting the survey!


– 1st place : MacBook Pro 13 (1 people)
– 2nd place : AirPods Max (2 people)
– 3rd place : Gift Card $20 (50 people)
– 4th place : Gift Card $7 (150 people)
❗ Gift cards vary from country to country.
❗ Korea-NaverPay Point / English speaking country-Amazon US Gift Card
*Winners will be selected randomly from all the survey participants
*Winners are responsible for any taxes /public charges related to the prizes.
*If wrong information is given on the survey, the prize may not be sent out.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has participated in the Internet survey. If you haven’t participated yet, click on the link above and please do so. Incheon Airport promises to do its best to listen and push for improvements that reflect each and every one of your precious opinions. 😄

We will continue to do various promotional activities to provide the best service and information to our passengers! Please continue to show love and support for Incheon Airport ✈!

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