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There are only two months left in 2022! Time really flew by. At the beginning of the year, there were a lot of concerns whether the airport would be able to recover. We are so happy that so many passengers have been visiting Incheon Airport these days, putting those concerns to rest! 👏

The airport has been busy making preparations for the upcoming winter vacation season! Wait, but what about this past month? What happened at Incheon Airport during the month of October?

Before we learn more, let’s start with the ‘October Headlines’ at a glance!
📍 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair held successfully
📍 Awarded Technology Innovation Award at International Airport Council’s (ACI) Technology Innovation Competition
📍 Introduction of AI self-driving cleaning robot at Passenger Terminal 1
📍 2022 AIoT International Exhibition opens at Incheon Airport Hall
📍 Resumed meetings on strengthening competitiveness of SMEs in the aviation and airport industries
📍 Special autumn performance with the Arts Council Korea featuring Ak Dan Gwangchil & Jinjo Crew

First time in 3 years, 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair returns!

The 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair was a success! ✈ It was held at the Incheon Airport Terminal 1 Transportation Center for two days from October 27th to 28th. It was the first offline, in-person job fair in three years. The venue was filled with the enthusiasm of the people who gathered hoping to realize their dreams in the aviation industry!

The 2022 Aviation Industry Job Fair has breathed new life 🔥 into the aviation industry employment market, which had been dampened by COVID-19. 80 private and public companies, including Incheon Airport Corporation and Korea Airports Corporation, participated in the job fair.

The event included job briefings, corporate counseling, as well as an on-site recruitment hall. 🎤 Some job seekers were even directly given employment opportunities. In addition, there were many other programs where you could learn about not only recent trends in the aviation industry, but also job tips from job incumbents. The 2022 aviation industry job fair was a good sign of the future and Incheon Airport is cheering for the rapid revitalization of the aviation industry employment market!

Technology Innovation Award Recipient at International Airport Council (ACI) Technology Innovation Competition

In October, Incheon Airport received good news about an award! Incheon Airport won the Technology Innovation Award in the Airport Operations and Management Innovation category of the International Airport Council (ACI) Technology Innovation Competition! 👏 👏

The Innovation Competition was organized by ACI and Amadeus, a ticketing platform. Incheon Airport was particularly well-received for enhancing airport operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience through the design and operation of big data platforms. In fact, Incheon Airport has managed passenger flow, congestion, delays in operations, and severe weather conditions using airport data 📊.

With this award, Incheon Airport has been recognized worldwide as a smart airport. 🏆 We will continue to make efforts to improve customer convenience and establish more effective crisis response systems by combining various data.

AI self-driving cleaning robot starts operations in Passenger Terminal 1

Incheon Airport has been crowded with passengers! Recently, a cleaning robot has popped up, helping to maintain airport facilities for the many passengers! 🤖 It was introduced at the departure hall of Incheon Airport Terminal 1 from October 14th. It uses autonomous driving and machine learning functions to find an optimized path to mop the floors.

Before the introduction of the cleaning robot, Incheon Airport went through various test trials related to the cleaning robot. 🧹 We looked at whether laser sensors and 3D cameras could detect and avoid obstacles. Thanks to this technology, we were able to make the airport safer and smarter!

Currently, a total of two AI autonomous driving cleaning robots are in operation. It will be expanded to all areas of the airport, including Passenger Terminal 2. The cleaning robot features a camera reminiscent of a character’s eyes. So be sure to look into it and say hello when you bump into the robot at the departure hall! 😀

2022 AIoT International Exhibition held at Incheon Airport Hall

Incheon Airport continues to support the shared growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the airport and aviation industries! The 2022 AIoT International Exhibition was held at Incheon Airport Hall from the 19th to the 20th. It was a joint effort with Incheon Airport and R&D partner companies in the field of intelligent IoT. Three companies, Vestella Lab Co., Ltd., Big Power Solution Co., Ltd., and People & Technology Co., Ltd., teamed together.

In the exhibition, technologies and systems developed through research and development between researchers and partners in construction were featured, such as AIoT-based parking navigation 🚗 and IoT-based smart asset management systems. Business counseling sessions and other supportive services were also provided for future market development.

Incheon Airport will continue to help fuel growth by offering substantial support for small and medium-sized enterprises 💪, so keep an eye out for more positive news!

Meeting held for “Fly Again”, campaign to strengthen competitiveness of aviation and airport-related SMEs

A meeting regarding the “Fly Again” campaign was held on the 7th! ✈ Incheon Airport Corporation, Incheon Techno Park, Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority, and various SMEs and startups in the aviation and airport industries gathered together. “Fly Again” seeks to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in these industries and promote mutual growth with Incheon Airport.

One notable part of the meeting was the sharing of plans and results of F.A.S.T., a comprehensive support system for small and medium-sized companies at Incheon Airport. 🔎 TechMarket is an open platform that connects Incheon Airport’s technological needs with the technological innovations of SMEs. In addition, F.A.S.T is a system that comprehensively provides financial support, investment ecosystem set up, market support, and technology development, which are the biggest difficulties SMEs face in innovation. So far, about 10 billion won in financial support and 84 technology unit projects have been offered.

The “Fly Again” meeting discussed plans to support promising SMEs and startups at Incheon Airport. In addition, companies had the opportunity to learn about intellectual property rights and procuring investments and got connected with companies boasting innovative technologies and construction-related departments. 🙂 We hope that there will be more meet-up opportunities for companies and the airport so they can pursue further growth and innovation!

Special autumn performance held with Arts Council Korea (ARKO) featuring Gwangchil/Jinjo Crew

Incheon Airport is no stranger to art and culture! In October, Incheon Airport teamed up with Arts Council Korea (ARKO) to hold a special autumn performance.

Th concert was held at Incheon Airport, under the theme of “The descendants decided to play like this,” and featured Ak Dan Gwangchil and Jinjo Crew. 👀

The gugak band Ak Dan Gwangchil reinterprets gugak in a modern way, promoting this traditional Korean genre of music worldwide. B-boy group Jinjo Crew is the world champion of breakdance! Doesn’t the combination of Korean traditional music and B-boy sound refreshing?🕺 The two groups are both actively promoting overseas, making the joint performance at the airport more special.

The performance lasted for about 80 minutes and was free! It was a special opportunity to promote Korean culture to passengers visiting the airport and to provide Korean locals with the opportunity to enjoy art amidst their daily lives. Incheon Airport will continue to work with various cultural and art institutions to showcase diverse content to passengers!

Those were the top stories from October at Incheon Airport. All of them were about efforts to make the airport a more comfortable and beautiful place for our passengers. Incheon Airport is steadily improving. We’ll be back with more good news next month!

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