Full run-down on how to check for your terminal at Incheon Airport!

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As you all know, Incheon Airport ✈ is divided into Passenger Terminal 1, Councourse, and Passenger Terminal 2. In the case of Passenger Terminal 2, despite having only started operations less than five years ago, it has contributed to diversifying the airlines flying through Incheon Airport.

Each terminal houses different airlines, so you’ll have a smoother boarding experience if you know where your flight is located in advance. To help out passengers, we have prepared tips on how to check for the right terminal location at Incheon Airport so that you can quickly and easily make way to your flight! Shall we take a closer look? ☺

Historic Expansion of Incheon Airport Terminal 2 🎊

Before we get into checking for your terminal, we’ll briefly tell you about the history of Passenger Terminal 2.☺ In the past, Incheon Airport only had Terminal 1 and the Councourse in operations, but in January 2018, historic expansions were made to add Passenger Terminal 2. This addition has allowed Incheon Airport to grow into a global mega hub airport that handles more passengers and cargo every year.

Incheon Airport was able to increase its capacity by more than 1,000 flights a day, 1.3 million tons of cargo handling, and 23 million passengers a year. Not only were passengers able to use more various routes, but they were also able to experience faster service by having the passengers spread out over a larger area.👏(Applause)

With the terminal expansion, the airlines operating by terminal have also changed. Korean Air moved from Passenger Terminal 1 to Passenger Terminal 2, with Asiana Airlines replacing it in Terminal 1. Let’s learn why Korean Air moved to Passenger Terminal 2 along with tips on checking airline locations by terminal!

Tips to quickly check for your airline’s location 🍯

Airlines that use the second passenger terminal have one thing in common: they’re all members of the Sky Team! The Sky Team is an alliance established under the leadership of four airlines: Korean Air, Delta Air Lines, Aero Mexico, and Air France. Currently, the Sky Team includes 18 airlines around the world, all aiming to provide various routes and services through cooperation and joint operations.

Bottom line, if the airline you want to use is a member of Sky Team, you can go to Incheon Airport Terminal 2. Those who use Korean Air, Delta Air Lines, Aero Mexico, Air France, as well as KLM Dutch Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Xiamen Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, and China Airlines, you can head on over to Passenger Terminal 2!

Airlines Located in Passenger Terminal 2

KLM Dutch AirlinesGaruda IndonesiaKorean Air
Delta Air LinesXiamen AirlinesAero Mexico
Aeroflot Russian AirlinesAir FranceChina Airlines

In other words, it means that all airlines except the 9 airlines listed above use Passenger Terminal 1 and the Councourse! Knowing which Incheon Airport terminal to use is very simple, right? 😎 Asiana and other major airlines are available at Terminal 1, while LCC airlines such as T’way Airlines and Jin Air are located in the Councourse.

You can check the airlines of each terminal at a glance on the Incheon Airport website, so please visit the site below.

Listing of Airlines by Terminal at Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport ✈ is quite large and expansive so it can be confusing to know where to go. As it turns out, it follows a well-organized system to services faster and more convenient.☺ Isn’t it amazing that the airlines operating in each terminal are organized so systematically as well? 😎

Tips on how to locate your terminal at Incheon Airport 🍯! We hope you’ll be able to make use of them. In the meantime, we’ll be back with more interesting and useful tips for our passengers soon!

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