Incheon Airport X Gentle Monster’s Complex Cultural Space Opens

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Have you heard that a complex cultural space has opened at Incheon Airport? From the moment you step foot into the airport to the moment the plane takes off, Incheon Airport is making sure there’s not an idle moment in your travel experience!

Incheon Airport teamed up with Gentle Monster, an eyewear brand growing in popularity worldwide, to open a complex cultural space! It is an innovative space that offers an artistic experience that goes beyond just shopping. Shall we take a look at this new space in Incheon Airport ✈? ☺

Twin Spider, Capturing the Values of Incheon Airport and Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster has grown to be a global eyewear company 👓, thanks to the brand offering a special experience that goes beyond buying glasses. Now you can also take part in this special experience at Incheon Airport ✈!

Designed with Gentle Monster’s expertise, the Twin Spiders popped up in the center of the duty-free zone on the third floor of Passenger Terminal 1! The combination of the two spiders, which symbolize network, innovation, and challenge, and natural pieces, which symbolize nature, earth, and luck, captures the innovative and challenge-minded values of Incheon Airport.

It is a complex cultural space where you can relax and enjoy unique experiences with Gentle Monster’s one-of-a-kind nature-friendly elements and future-oriented themes.☺  This space will be decorated with various concepts following seasonal trends, running until the end of 2024. There’s a lot of anticipation regarding how this space will transform in the future. 😆

Complex Cultural Space Designed to Offer a Deeper Experience

Incheon Airport’s ✈ efforts to create a complex cultural space that provides new experiences and shares artistic values with the passengers has started even before this collaboration with Gentle Monster.

In May, Louis Vuitton set up sculptures for passengers to both look at and rest on. And there are more plans for another experience space this November as well!

Riot Games has also joined in to create an E-sports Gamer Lounge. Passengers can play League of Legends (LOL), the most popular game at the moment, at Incheon Airport!  Gamers all over the world no doubt have their ears perked up with interest at this bit of news.👂🏻

We look forward to the future unique experiences, exhibitions, and contents to be offered at the airport! If you come to Incheon Airport, be sure to visit the complex cultural space to check out Incheon Airport’s collaboration projects with some of the most popular brands! 😎

What did you think about the news of Incheon Airport and Gentle Monster’s new complex cultural space? Incheon Airport is transforming the travel experience to begin before you even step foot on a plane. ☺

If you want to know about more areas worth experiencing in Incheon Airport, be sure to stay caught up with Incheon Airport’s blog!

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