Vote for the Best Airport in the World! The SKYTRAX World Airport Survey

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As the end of the year approaches, awards ceremonies are being held one by one! It’s an honor to look back on the achievements of the year. Every year, awards ceremonies are held for airports around the world to select the best airport of the year. 🏆One of them, the SKYTRAX World Airport Awards! It will be held in Amsterdam next March.

Did you know that you can also vote for the world’s best airport? 😍 When choosing an excellent airport, nothing is more important than the passenger’s opinion! So, the news that Incheon Airport will introduce today is the SkyTRAX World Airport Survey!

“Airport of the Year“, as selected by the people! 👍 Are you ready to cast your precious vote?! Let us fill you in on the details!

SKYTRAX World Airport Survey: Passengers from All Over the World Pick the Best Airport

The World Airport Survey is a survey completed by passengers from all over the world! It is organized by SKYTRAX, a consulting firm specializing in aviation services. This is a significant award being that passengers actually using the airports ✈ evaluate and select the best airport themselves.

Starting with the Best Airport of the Year, every year, awards are given to selected airports in over 20 areas of key airport services, including check-in, arrival, transfer, and security checks. Incheon Airport received the Outstanding Airport Award in 2021 in the “COVID-19 Quarantine” and “Security Search” categories. 🏆 Aren’t you even more curious about which category Incheon Airport will shine in this year?

Incheon Airport Becoming the World’s Best Airport! An Overview of the Gains Made in 2022

The world’s best airport, selected by travelers! What an honor. Incheon Airport has worked hard to provide a safe and comfortable airport for all passengers this past year in 2022.

In September, Incheon Airport acquired the highest level of five in the customer experience certification system, as evaluated by the International Airport Council (ACI). It was the world’s first five-star airport certification! 👏

This year, we saw major progress leaping us forward as a smart airport. Smart security checkpoints began operations and our delivery robots, “Air Dilly”, were introduced in duty-free areas. There were also rich cultural experiences made available to our passengers. From the Sky Festival 🎤 to the KIAF Incheon Airport Special Exhibition to the Media Art Exhibition, various cultural and artistic events were going on all over the airport.

2022 at Incheon Airport was a busy year. We hope these efforts were able to make for great travel experiences for many people. We look forward to seeing the honest reviews of the passengers through the World Airport Survey! 👀

How to Participate in the Survey? Online for Convenience!

You can participate in the World Airport Survey online. Write down where you think is the best airport! You can also evaluate other related items on a 5-point scale 🖐.

The survey, which began in August 2022, will be conducted until January 2023. During the ongoing period, you can find the QR code for the survey posted throughout Incheon Airport. If you have time before boarding, please participate and let your opinions be known! 🖊

    Click to participate in the SKYTRAX World Airport Survey

    Survey period: September, 2022 to January 2023

    *As advertisements on the survey page are irrelevant to this survey, please scroll down.

    Today, we shared with you the SKYTRAX World Airport Survey. In addition, we reflected back on the year 2022 for Incheon Airport.. This year, overseas travel has become somewhat normalized again! It is so nice to see Incheon Airport crowded with people once again. Incheon Airport will continue to work hard to become the “world’s best airport” for our passengers, so we ask for your continued support! 💪

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