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Did you know that there is a museum at Incheon Airport? ✈  We’ve introduced it a few times before. This place is full of Korean relics owned by the National Museum of Korea and features works of national intangible cultural properties by artisans! It is an exhibition space designed to convey the beauty of Korea to passengers visiting the airport. It is located near Gate 122 on the 3rd floor of Passenger Terminal 1.

Today, we’re going to introduce two new exhibitions at the Incheon Airport Museum! They’re called <Hanbok, It’s Silk Clothing with Flowers> and <Books & Things: Unity of the Ego and the Outside World>. Let’s take a look at the details of both exhibitions, which will be running until early next year! 🔍

1. <Books & Things : Unity of the Ego and the Outside World>

At the first special exhibition of the Incheon Airport Museum, you can see the works of contemporary artists. It’s <Books & Things: Unity of the Ego and the Outside World>. It is a collaborative exhibition between the Uran Cultural Foundation and the Incheon Airport Museum. There are 20 artworks that look at Korean traditional culture from a new perspective.

In particular, “Chaekgado” and “Chaekgeori” were reinterpreted through various media types such as media art, crafts, photography, and augmented reality. “Chaekgado” is a type of traditional folk painting of books and various collectibles and objects displayed on a bookcase made up of many compartments. 📚 It is also a genre that symbolizes the period of the late Joseon Dynasty when the desire for material culture began to be expressed. “Chaekgeori” refers to paintings of books, without the bookcase.

In addition, there are works implemented by digital technology. You can see the interaction of tradition, modernity, reality and virtual reality as shown through nine objects. If you use your cell phone to scan the QR codes by each work, you can use filters that spread images of old Eastern-style paintings and “Chaekgado” that seem to transcend time and space. We strongly recommend you try this out!

<Books & Things: Unity of the Ego and the Outside World> explores the dual nature of “Chaekgado” and “Chaekgeori”, shedding light on a new modern meaning to their beauty. Along with modern art, you can also see a photocopy of the artwork “Bookgado” by a painter from the late Joseon Dynasty, Lee Hyung-rok. If you look at all these pieces together, you will be able to see the harmony of tradition and modernity. 💯

<Books & Things: Unity of the Ego and the Outside World>

Location: Incheon Airport Museum
Dates: September 30, 2022 to March 28, 2023
Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Admission: Free

2. <Hanbok, It’s Silk Clothing With Flowers>

The second special exhibition we want to introduce is <Hanbok, It’s Silk Clothing with Flowers>. It is an exhibition to promote Korea’s traditional attire, ‘Hanbok’, which has recently attracted global attention. You can see the valuable collections from the National Museum of Korea and the National Museum of Daegu, which include the Hanbok and Gat (traditional Korean hat for men). ☺

This exhibition has three themes. In the first part, “Hongsaek Migam (Red Beauty): Clothes of the noble bride”, you can see traditional Korean wedding costumes. Traditional red hwalot (a traditional type of cloak) and accessories such as hair pins and wreaths are on display. These costumes exude the elegance of a bride from the Joseon Dynasty!

Second, in “Euigwan Jeongja (Primp Oneself): Properly dressed in clothes and a hat”, you can see the traditional clothes of men and women from the Joseon Dynasty, who were particularly noted for their clean aesthetics. In particular, the original relics of Gat (Korean traditional hat for men), which became popular amongst foreigners through the Netflix drama Kingdom, are on display!

The last part is “Hyeonghyeong Saeksaek (Variety): The range of Hanboks”. You can see many traditional women’s jackets, such as jeogori and dangui, and skirts in vivid colors commonly used in Korean attire.

The special exhibition called “Hanbok, It’s a Silk Clothing with Flowers,” houses a collection of 28 genuine artifacts, including hanboks, gat (Korean traditional hat), accessories, and works by various craftsmen! 🌼 Fall in love with the endless charms of Korean traditional clothing at the Incheon Airport Museum!

In the future, Incheon Airport plans to continue to collaborate with various cultural and artistic institutions. It is an effort to promote Korea’s cultural heritage to domestic and foreign passengers visiting the airport, which serves as a gateway to Korea. Please look forward to it and show us your support! 👏

<Hanbok, It’s Silk Clothing with Flowers>

Venue: Incheon Airport Museum
Dates: September 29, 2022 to February 28, 2023
Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Admission: Free

We introduced the newly opened special exhibition at the Incheon Airport Museum. What’d you think?!📣 From Korea’s original relics that are hard to see in this day and age to modern artists’ creative works! It’s all free and offers a very fulfilling exhibition. It’s a special exhibition that can only be seen at Incheon Airport, so please stop by before your departure!

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