Incheon Airport November Headlines Roundup

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The end of November brings along with it major holiday and year-end vibes. Incheon Airport is getting ready with Christmas trees being set up all throughout the building. If you’re planning to travel abroad at the end of the year, you’ll be able to experience Christmas at the airport! Just the talk of holidays and airports is enough to give anyone the travel butterflies! 😍

Incheon Airport has been staying busy all throughout November! Recently, the number of daily passengers reached 100,000 people, a feat that hasn’t been achieved in two years and nine months. The airport is starting to return to how it was before the pandemic hit. In addition to such positive news, what else has been going on this past month? 😃

Before we give you the full scoop, here are the November headlines at a glance! 

📍 Incheon Airport daily passengers surpass 100,000
📍 The disappearance of 30,000 disposable cups
📍 2nd annual K-UAM Confex held succesfully
📍 Search for organizations to create “Round.G”, a community for new retirees seeking jobs
📍 New flight routes from Incheon to Los Angeles and Tokyo

Incheon Airport daily passengers surpass 100,000!

The number of passengers per day at Incheon Airport exceeded 100,000.👏👏 That means that many people are traveling and visiting Incheon Airport again! 100,000 is over 50% of the average number of daily passengers in 2019 before the pandemic. Initial forecasts expected this milestone of 100,000 to be hit by the end of this year, but the good news came early, even before November ended.

There has been an increase in people traveling to Japan or Southeast Asia. The uptick of travel recovery has accelerated as nearby countries in Asia have eased COVID-19 regulations and returned to allowing visa-free entry. Of course, there are more and more foreign passengers coming to Korea as well. Incheon Airport has been focusing its efforts on attracting foreign visitors by inviting travel agencies from abroad to conduct field tours at Incheon Airport!

For those itching to travel, great news! More flights will be offered at Incheon Airport with many routes reopening in December. Be sure to check regularly to find the perfect travel destination and route for you! ✈

The disappearance of 30,000 cups at Incheon International Airport Corporation

30,000 disposable cups will disappear from Incheon International Airport Corporation building. This is because the pilot operation of “the multi-use cup circulation system” began at an in-house cafe on November 1st. This campaign is in conjunction with a social enterprise called “Trashbusters”! All drinks sold at cafes in the government building for a six-week period will be served in a “multi-use cup.” ☕ Executives and employees alike will be working together to create an eco-friendly organization.

In addition, there was also a “Recycled Jeans Campaign” in which 2,534 pairs of jeans that are no longer worn were collected and donated to social and economic companies to be upcycled. The donated jeans will be made into pretty bags and donated to vulnerable children in Incheon at the end of the year.♻ In addition, last October, we held a ZERO campaign to reduce greenhouse gas by about 200 kg of CO2.

The response of the corporation’s employees to the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governmental) campaign has been very positive. The goal is to have future campaigns where the airport passengers, not just the airport corporation workers, can also participate!

2nd annual K-UAM Confex held succesfully

The 2nd annual K-UAM Confex was held in Incheon from the 10th to the 12th. Many people may be unfamiliar with the K-UAM Confex. It refers to a conference about UAM, which is short for Urban Air Mobility, or urban air traffic. UAM represents the next generation of mobility service that solves city traffic congestion and environmental problems through a three-dimensional transportation system. 🚗 Basically, flying cars in the sky could soon become a real thing!

In this K-UAM conference, cities, airports, and companies gathered together to discuss the commercialization of UAM. There was also an exhibition envisioning a future UAM system, featuring models of UAM takeoff and landing sites and a model of a UAM aircraft. 🌉 Various MOUs were signed to establish a cooperative global network.

Incheon Airport has also been investing and supporting K-UAM commercialization by pushing for the introduction of “UAM Airport Shuttles.” In September, th Incheon Airport UAM Introduction and Operation Idea Contest was held where we received all of your brilliant ideas. 🖊 We look forward to Incheon Airport offering even more convenient services with these future changes!

Search for organizations to create “Round.G”, a community for middle-aged job seekers

Incheon Airport seeks to create a better world by helping the local community. Incheon Airport has been providing support for new retirees (generally people in their 50’s) hoping to stay active members of society. An example of such support is through the Round.G Community Center Creation Project. 🙋

In November, non-profit organizations and institutions were recruited to participate in the third round of this project. Incheon Airport has contributed to revitalizing community interaction by helping to open a total of three community centers.👏 The selected institutions plan to provide up to 345 million won for the next three years, to cover space remodeling and program operation costs for these community centers.

The Round.G community centers hope to create a space for communication and to create new jobs that can utilize the experience and know-how of the new retirees. This is an ongoing project with new organizations joining every year to further expand its business nationwide. The goal is to create 100 new jobs for retirees annually.💯 Please support your communities and the ESG endeavors at Incheon Airport!

New flight routes from Incheon to Los Angeles and Tokyo

Have you ever heard of an airline called Air Premia?✈ It is one of the new national airlines in Korea. As the skies previously blocked by COVID-19 have been reopening, Air Premia is also opening up various new routes.

Before we get into that though, did you know Air Premia has a unique feature that is different from conventional airlines? Air Premia is a mid- to long-distance hybrid airline (HSC). It has the high-quality service of large airlines (FSC) and the price competitiveness of low-cost airlines (LCC). Many are surprised to hear that you can enjoy good flight services at a reasonable price 💸!

Particularly noteworthy is the Incheon (ICN)-Los Angeles (LAX) flights, which began operating on October 29th. Everyone has dreamt of a trip to Los Angeles at some point! 🌴 People often become hesitant because of the expensive flight tickets. Air Premia flights can help to reduce the financial burden!

The Incheon-LA route is the third international flight operated by Air Premia Airlines, following Incheon-Singapore and Incheon-Ho Chi Minh. The Incheon-Tokyo route will be launched on the 23rd of next month.🗼 As the newly opened routes will be offering a variety of promotional deals, you may want to consider those destinations for your winter trip!

We covered Incheon Airport’s top headline stories for November. From the K-UAM Confex to a campaign aiming to eliminate the usage of disposable cups! It was a month that highlighted Incheon Airport efforts to help create a better future. 💪 Incheon Airport will continue to work hard for the rest of the year as well, so be sure to pay us a visit this winter!

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