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When traveling, there are often times when you’re left wondering, “What exactly do I need to prepare when traveling abroad?”, “Which terminal am I supposed to go to?”, “What is the baggage weight limit?”, or even “How do I get to the airport?”

There’s a new service that can give you the answers to all these questions and more, as if a friend was helping you out. Incheon Airport’s KakaoTalk Chatbot Service has been launched! Let us give you the rundown! 🧐

A chatbot service that answers all your questions with the click of a button!

Have you ever used a chatbot service? These chatbot services are becoming more and more widespread. Many companies and organizations use chatbot services because they eliminate time spent waiting to connect customers with representatives and can provide instant answers, 24 hours a day!

Incheon Airport ✈ has been operating a chatbot service since 2018, called Airbot. You can simply search “airbot” on an internet search portal or use the chatbot service through the Incheon Airport website or the Incheon Airport Guide app. It has been helpful in providing immediate answers, even at random hours of the night when customer service telephone lines are closed.

Airbot has information on nine categories: flight information, check-in, baggage, shopping, restaurant, traffic, parking, lost and found, emergency, medical care, security, customs, quarantine, transit, and other convenience servic. Starting today, you can now use this chatbot service even more easily and conveniently through KakaoTalk!

AirStar, appointed as the KakaoTalk Chatbot Service Representative

Many of you have seen AirStar’s adorable smile and received friendly help from it at the airport. ☺ Now you can experience AirStar’s bright personality and friendliness through KakaoTalk! This is because AirStar was appointed as the chatbot service representative for the number one messenger service in Korea, KakaoTalk! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask AirStar!

The KakaoTalk chatbot service boasts higher understanding capabilities through its improved language processing system. It can provide accurate, relevant, and higher quality answers because it is able to process changes in word order and the relationships between words better. You’ll be able to get the answer you want quickly, accurately, and easily.  😎

In addition, the existing nine categories were condensed into five categories that received the most inquiries:  flight information, terminal/facility information, baggage information, traffic/parking, and other. The organization of content is easier to see and more intuitive, so you can choose the category your question pertains to and get answers as quickly as possible. 😆

CategoriesQuestion Topics  
Flight informationTerminals By AirlinesImmigration Checking-InFlight Information by Flight and Airlines
Terminal/FacilitiesInformation on Terminal Facilities (Lounges)Duty-Free Information (Brands and locations)Facilities (Smoking areas/religious areas)
Baggage informationBaggage Regulations (Banned in-flight items)Lost Baggage PoliciesItems Prohibited In-Flight
Traffic/Parking InformationPublic TransportationParking Lot Information (Short-term/long-term parkingParking Lot Congestion
OtherCustoms DeclarationQuarantine InformationTravel information
(Vaccination requirements, travel advisories)

With the implementation of the KakaoTalk chatbot service, Incheon Airport will be able to help its passengers in a more personal, friendly way. Incheon Airport ✈ will continue to work hard to become an airport of ease and convenience. Any time you have any questions at all, feel free to ask AirStar via our KakaoTalk chatbot service!

We’ll be back on the blog with more useful tips and updates soon! 

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