From Family Baths to Hot Spring Hotels! Top Winter Hot Spring Travel Destinations in Korea

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The weather has definitely gotten colder in December. The lower temperatures may make you want to tense and curl your body up, but that will only make you feel achy and stiff. ⛄ We have a good idea for you to chase away the winter blues: melt your fatigue away by taking a dip in a hot spring! There are many hot spring destinations in Korea that are perfect to enjoy in the winter!

As you can guess, the topic that Incheon Airport has prepared today is the BEST 4 hot spring travel destinations in Korea.♨ We prepared information on four different themed hot springs, so pick the one that suits your tastes. We not only have the names of the hot springs, but other nearby travel spots that you can enjoy while there. So pay attention and follow along!

1. Asan Paradise Spa Dogo: Hot Spring Camping in the ultimate Hot Spring city of Asan

 Paradise Spa Dogo
176, Dogo Hot Spring-ro, Dogo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

A region that immediately pops to mind when thinking of winter hot spring destinations in Korea is Asan City! There are a number of notable hot springs, such as the Onyang Hot Springs (known as the oldest hot spring in Korea), Dogo Hot Springs, and Asan Hot Springs. 👍 Today, we’re going to introduce Asan Paradise Spa Dogo, which boasts spectacular facilities such as the “Bade pool Spa” and caravan camping site, all amongst the different hot springs in Asan.

“Bade pool” refers to a water-massage therapy bath offering streams of varying water pressures. There is a Bade pool in Asan Paradise Dogo where you can relieve your body of fatigue in a hot spring bath. This feature has won it recognition as the nation’s number 1 hot spring for your health! In addition to this 💪, there are also wave pools and a Kids Land for children to enjoy, so it’s a place of healing and fun.

There are also facilities that would entice campers. 🏕 First off, we have to mention the caravan camping site where you can barbecue away! Also, enjoy the rural scenery while still having convenient accommodations available in your caravan. Of course, you can make use of the spa and hot springs as well. Hot spring camping may sound like a foreign concept, but it’s a place sure to offer a great getaway for couples, friends, and families alike. We hope you make your way to Asan at least once this winter!

2. Incheon Ganghwa Seokmodo Mineral Hot Spring: An outdoor bath with winter sea scenery

Ganghwa Seokmodo Mineral Hot Spring
865-17 Samsan Nam-ro, Samsan-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon

Our next recommendation for a winter hot spring trip in Korea: Seokmodo Mineral Hot Spring, located on Ganghwa Island of Incheon city! As you can guess from the name, the hot spring water here contains a lot of minerals. And it’s all natural, as the hot spring water is not infused with any artificial treatment! 💧 Imagine all that goodness for your skin and body!

The biggest perk of Seokmodo Mineral Hot Spring is that you can enjoy an outdoor bath while looking out into the winter sea and sunset. 🌅 You can enjoy the interesting and unique experience of being out in the cold winter air, yet in 51-degree warm water. Add in the wonderful view of the sky and sea and you have perfection!

Incheon Airport has some tips for making better use of this hot spring! Since it’s an outdoor hot spring, it’s easy to catch a cold if you go outside to look at the scenery while all wet.  So we recommend you bring a big towel to wrap yourself with. You can also soak in the outdoor bath in a rash guard or a swimsuit. 🩱 There are clothes available for rent, but bringing your own rash guard or swimsuit will allow for a more convenient and comfortable hot spring experience.

While you’re on Ganghwado Island, might as well make the most of it, right? Before stopping by the hot spring, enjoy a walk around Seokmodo Arboretum. So much beautiful nature awaits you in the beautiful forest. We also recommend you to stop by Bomunsa Temple, a beautiful temple located on Seokmodo Island! Located on a steep mountain at Bomunsa Temple, there is a huge rock-carved Buddha statue you’ll want to check out. Don’t forget to make a New Year’s wish in front of this stone Buddha. 🙏 This complete mineral hot spring tour will be sure to heal your body and mind.

3.  Punggi Hot Spring Resort in Sobaeksan Mountain, Yeongju: Enjoy a Sulfur Hot Spring at a Hotel with Your Family

Sobaeksan Punggi Hot Spring Resort
1400 Jukryeong-ro, Punggi-eup, Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

We’ve covered hot springs by the sea, so this time we’re headed for the mountains! The third spot recommended for a winter hot spring trip in Korea is Punggi Hot Spring Resort in Sobaeksan Mountain, Yeongju. It is a hot spring resort located at the foot of Sobaeksan Mountain. This outdoor bath is popular because you can enjoy the scenery of Sobaeksan Mountain while soaking in a hot spring. The Sobaeksan Healing Forest Park is located right in front, so you can experience bathing “in” a forest! 🏞

Yeongju Sobaeksan Punggi Hot Spring Resort offers amenities like a hot spring hotel. All the water used in the hotel is indeed from the hot spring! 💯 Punggi Hot Spring is famous for its alkaline sulfur hot spring water, which is rare in Korea! This hot spring trip will be extra special, allowing you to bathe or shower with hot spring water that is extra good for your body because it is made up of sulfur and fluorine. 🛁

There is a family bath in the hot spring hotel and a hot spring water park. Punggi Hot Spring Resort in Sobaeksan Mountain, Yeongju is better if you come with your parents and children as one family unit! It is also recommended for hikers who are planning to hike Sobaeksan Mountain in the winter. ⛰ What could be better than relaxing after hiking in a warm hot spring!

4. Sokcho Seorak Waterpia: A Global Hot Spring Trip and Attraction in Korea!

Hanwha Resort Seorak Waterpia
111 Misiryeong-ro 2983beon-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do

When you think of famous hot springs, locations in neighboring Japan all the way to Blue Lagoon in Iceland may pop to mind. There is no need to go that far! There is a place in Korea that has set up hot springs of global caliber: Seorak Waterpia located in Sokcho.

Spa Valley features hot spring baths located outdoors in Seorak Waterpia. The hot springs here were designed after world-famous hot springs from around the world. There are a total of 16 themed baths including Icelandic Blue Lagoon, Mammoth of the United States, and Hang Son-doong of Vietnam. This allows people to feel as if they’re on a hot spring trip abroad without leaving Korea. It’s not far from Seoul either, so those living in the metropolitan area can escape for a quick trip any time.

Seorak Waterpia is called a hot spring theme park, featuring various attractions and facilities revolving around hot springs. For example, there is Shark Wave, which has waves made up of 18 types of hot spring water, and  Atlantis, where you can get hit with 1.2 tons of water from waterfalls! Seorak Waterpia offers a different charm from a quiet, serene hot spring bath. The water park is open all year-round, and winter is definitely a great season to visit.

Lastly, the city of Sokcho, which is where Seorak Waterpia is located, has many delicious restaurants and many things to see. Here’s an idea for a Sokcho travel itinerary to make the most of your hot spring trip. First, watch the sunrise against the backdrop of the ocean at Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion in Sokcho, then  enjoy delicious food at Sokcho Jung-ang Market. Make your way over to Seorak Waterpia in the evening to take a nice hot spring bath at night. Now that’s what we call a  perfect hot spring trip!

Winter hot spring travel destinations in Korea, the BEST 4 recommendations, according to Incheon Airport ✈! What did you think? Don’t you feel like getting into a steaming hot spring bath? Our list was particularly special because it included a variety of hot springs, from outdoor baths to uniqu-themed hot springs. We hope you all can relax and recharge on a trip to a hot spring this winter!

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