Incheon Airport Sweet Gift Days (feat. Ryan & Choonsik)

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It’s already the last month of 2022. Christmas decorations 🎄 are up at Incheon Airport, welcoming people on their year-end trips. That’s not all Incheon Airport ✈ has prepared though. We also have news of a special event sure to spread joy during the holiday season! ☺

Incheon Airport Sweet Gift Days! This event will be especially exciting thanks to our surprise guests, who will be bringing loads of gifts for our passengers! 🎁 Shall we take a closer look at this four-day long event to be held at Incheon Airport? 👉🏻

Surprise guests visiting Incheon Airport, Ryan & Choonsik!

Incheon Airport’s ✈ special guests are Ryan and Choonsik of Kakao Friends! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 After making their hot comeback through RaChoon Dance Season 2, they are aiming to spread their field worldwide. Amidst their busy schedule, Ryan & Choonsik sent us a special dance video from the airport!💖 In line with this, Incheon Airport’s official YouTube channel is holding an event where viewers are asked to leave a review of the Incheon Airport X RaChoon Dance video. Please participate and share with us your reviews!

Watch the video of “Incheon Airport X RaChoon Dance” to get a prize!💖

RaChoon were kind enough to squeeze in a visit to Incheon Airport despite their busy schedules. For those who have plans to travel abroad in December, you can see a 10-meter-tall RaChoon Balloon in the Node Garden at the airport. In addition, there will be a giveaway event where people will be given gifts by random. It’ll feel like Christmas morning for those visiting in the coming weeks. ☺


Dates: Thursday, December 15, 2022 – Sunday, December 18, 2022
Time: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m
Location: Node Garden in the duty-free zone of Incheon Airport, Passenger Terminal 2

01. Sweet Gift Days On-site Check-in Event
* December 15, 2022 – December 18, 2022 (Announcement to be made on-site)

If you visit the Node Garden at Incheon Airport from the 15th to the 18th, you can participate in the Sweet Gift Days On-site Check-in Event. Once you have received your stamp passport at the event booth, you can complete the following three simple missions to obtain a certification stamp.

① Receipts proving 10,000+ won purchase(s) made at airport.
② Verify you have liked and are subscribed to Incheon Airport’s official social media sites.
③ Post a selfie with the RaChoon balloon along with the hashtags “#IncheonAirportRaChoonDance #SweetGiftDays”.

Various RaChoon memorabilia given out through raffle drawing. (Total of 350 people selected over four days, on-site)

Simple, right? ☺ 350 people who have collected their certification stamps every day for the four-day period will be eligible to receive a special gift through the raffle drawing. The Ryan & Choonsik memorabilia prizes will not only be cute, but they’ll also be practical because we have specially prepared items great for travel. 😎 If you have December travel plans, don’t forget to participate in the event!

02. Sweet Gift Day Online Certification Photo Event
* December 15, 2022 – December 25, 2022 (Winners contacted separately)

If you want to meet RaChoon, but don’t have any travel plans before the 18th, don’t worry! The RaChoon balloon will be at Incheon Airport until December 25th, Christmas day. If you are lucky enough to meet RaChoon within that period, you can still participate in the Sweet Gift Days Online Certification Photo Event!

How to participate
① Take a selfie with the RaChoon balloon at Node Garden at Incheon Airport.
② Post the selfie on your personal Instagram with the hashtags “#IncheonAirportRaChoonDance #SweetGiftDay”. 

Starbucks Americano gift certificate (Total of 50 winners, contacted individually via DM)

With the winter temperatures dropping, why not warm up over a cup of coffee and have some fun taking selfies with RaChoon before boarding your flight?☺

What did you think about the Incheon Airport Sweet Gift Days Event, featuring special guests RaChoon, planned for the end of the year?

We wish you a heartwarming year’s end and hope to see you at Incheon Airport throughout the remainder of 2022 and into 2023 as well!☺

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