Merry Christmas! Best Christmas-Themed Airport Photo Zones

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This Sunday is finally Christmas, the very day that the world has been waiting for! 🎄Seeing the Christmas trees and decorations all over the place for Christmas puts everyone in good spirits. Incheon Airport ✈ also has joined the festive mood, putting up Christmas decorations all throughout the airport.

We chose today’s topic because we wanted our passengers to score some special pictures at the airport. 📸 Before you go on a trip with your loved ones, why not take a memorable photo amidst the decorations at Incheon Airport? The best Christmas-themed airport photo zones, recommended by Incheon Airport! Keep reading to learn more! 👉🏻

Millennium Hall Flower Garden, a special place where all things Christmas are in bloom!

The Millennium Hall Flower Garden at the center of the first floor of Incheon Airport Terminal 1 gets specially decorated for Christmas every year. This year is no exception.✨

First, Christmas trees and building models were built amongst the tall trees. The models glow white and match the surrounding Christmas trees. There’s also a stone path that crosses through. It’s enough to make you feel like you’ve been transported to a forest.

Also, in front of the Millennium Hall Flower Garden, there is a media tower that is three stories high. Tree-shaped and snow-like lights are installed on both sides of the wall. Three trees on each side of the screen glow softly and shine with the screen. Take a memorable photo in a small forest at Incheon Airport’s Millennium Hall. ☺

A Christmas Wonderland on the third floor of Passenger Terminal 2

The center of the third floor of Incheon Airport’s Passenger Terminal 2 is filled with Christmas vibes. It has been decorated with a Christmas tree that is as tall as the ceiling, rabbits on the snow, reindeer, and gift boxes. It blends with the existing fountain and garden to convey the feeling of being in Finland, Santa’s hometown.

Incheon Airport and travel-related decorations also add to the atmosphere. There are world-famous tourist attractions written on aircrafts, carrier models, and gift packages, adding to the travel excitement. The area is even more beautiful when the lights turn on at night.

It’s the perfect backdrop for Santa Claus to appear and hand out gifts! Be sure to stop by before officially entering the country and take pictures with the animals and gifts in the background. The pictures are sure to leave some precious memories, reminiscent of your childhood. 😘

Two polar bears visit Incheon Airport, at the entrance of the Public Relations Observatory

What do you consider to be the representative winter animal? We’re willing to bet polar bears popped to mind! If you go to the entrance of the Public Relations Observatory on the 4th floor of Incheon Airport’s Passenger Terminal 2, you’ll see two cute polar bears along with a big Christmas tree. They are taking a leisurely stroll through a couple of streetlamps.

This spot is particularly noteworthy because it is surrounded by a wall, making for the perfect photo backdrop!  The walls have a glossy finish, giving your photos a more luxurious vibe and focusing attention on the figures and decorations. We recommend standing right between the two bears and taking the photo vertically for the perfect shot!

After taking some pictures, visit the Public Relations Observatory where you can try VR activities whilst touring the airport’s mooring and looking at the airplanes.☺ As this is a top attraction that Incheon Airport takes pride in, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience and score some special Christmas photos in the process! 👍🏻

2022, another difficult year from the pandemic, is coming to a close. Christmas is the last big holiday of the year 🎄and it’s just around the corner. We hope all the difficulties and restrictions faced during 2022 will be lifted and 2023 will be filled with moments that are like Christmas morning!☺

Incheon Airport ✈ will return with more interesting and useful information. Please continue to support the Incheon Airport blog!

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