Recap of Top Stories at Incheon Airport in December

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The year 2022 is almost over and 2023 is just around the corner! There’s sure to be a lot of people making travel plans with a fresh outlook and mindset. We hope you forget about the hard times and hope for a better tomorrow along with all of us here at with Incheon Airport ✈! 😄

Incheon Airport has been working hard to continue to grow and improve until the very end of 2022! We’ve been busy thanks to the many passengers that have been visiting Incheon Airport again. Aren’t you curious about what’s been going on?

Here are Incheon Airport’s December headlines at a glance!

📍 Passengers in 2022 increased by about 5 times compared to the previous year
📍 New direct flights to Australia via Qantas Airlines, first addition in 24 years
📍 Make traveling easier with THIS
📍 Four wins in an outside evaluation of social contribution and sustainability
📍 2022 Incheon Airport On-Art School Festival held

Passengers in 2022 increased by about 5 times compared to the previous year

In 2022, as many as 17.09 million people visited Incheon Airport! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 That’s more than five times the number from the previous year. This is thanks to the easing of COVID-19 quarantine regulations, the increase in the supply of flights, as well as the recovery of overseas travel sentiment.

Incheon Airport has made steady efforts to achieve this result. First, we built smart quarantine infrastructure to normalize airport operations. By introducing advanced 3D-technology smart security search equipment, we strengthened our competitiveness as a smart innovation airport. Also, we promoted sustainable future growth by converting to eco-friendly operations and boosted competitiveness in airport facilities and infrastructure.

Though many people are indeed visiting Incheon Airport again, the numbers are still only about 24% of the numbers from 2019 before COVID-19. Please continue to support Incheon Airport as we leap forward into 2023 with the slogan ‘ReNewOne 2023, Incheon Airport Preparing for a New Future’! 😎

New direct flights to Australia via Qantas Airlines, first addition in 24 years

A place boasting vast stretches of nature where kangaroos frolic and koalas relax. We’re talking about Australia! We got the great news of a newly added direct flight to Sydney, Australia, the first such addition in 24 years since the IMF. It is now possible to leave for Australia on Qantas Airlines, Australia’s largest state-run airline company, from Incheon Airport, four times a week.

Qantas Airlines, a founding and key member of one of the world’s top three largest airline alliances, One World, launched this new service, citing growing trade and travel between Korea and Australia. As Korea is Australia’s fourth-largest trading partner, this added regular flight service is expected to have great synergy effects.

As Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, Qantas Airlines is developing a ‘kangaroo route’ that connects Europe and Asia with Sydney at the center. Through the connection with Incheon Airport, we are planning to expand the kangaroo route to Antarctica 🐧 as well as South America. It’s good news for Incheon Airport and all of our passengers because you can now travel to further corners of the Earth.

Make traveling easier with T-Map

With this one application, you can easily search and use all transportation services 🚗, such as public transportation, personal vehicles, shared vehicles, and private transportation to the airport. For many Koreans, they won’t even need to download any new apps as many already have T-Map! 

This organic collaboration between Incheon Airport and T-map will hopefully offer higher-level service for increased customer satisfaction. Airport MaaS, an integrated transportation service tailored for the airport, will make the route to Incheon Airport even more convenient and easy!

Also, within a few years, the system will link your flight information and you’ll be able to reserve and pay for a cab or a seat on the bus to the airport. You’ll even be able to order food and drinks and access the shopping service. T-map will help to make your trip, from start to finish, more convenient. This will allow you to relish in your travel excitement, minus the transportation anxiety!

Four wins in an outside evaluation of social contribution and sustainability!

There was amazing news at the end of the year that Incheon Airport, which has been striving for co-prosperity and sustainability with the local community, had won four awards in outside evaluations on social contribution and sustainability! The airport received a commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare and also topped one particular evaluation for the past 13 consecutive years! Bet you’re curious what the evaluations were on!

At the “2022 Community Contribution Recognition Day” event, Incheon Airport received a commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare in the field of social contribution! Most notably, the joint volunteer group made up of members from corporations, subsidiaries, and airport organizations, ICN V-Ambassadors, was highly praised.

Incheon Airport was selected as the number one company for 13 years in the Korean Sustainability Index (KSI) Land and Transportation category of the 2022 Korea Sustainability Competition! Incheon Airport was touted for being a low-carbon eco-friendly airport and having people-centered, socially-responsible, ESG management based on transparent and fair operations.

In addition, Incheon Airport ranked first in the sustainability category for the Global Standard Management Awards organized by the Korea Management Certification Institute on December 1st! This makes it the fourth year in a row Incheon Airport was recognized for this award. Through close communication with related stakeholders, we have improved our understanding and reputation in sustainability to achieve excellent results.

The fourth award of honor was organized by the Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC) and is given to companies that have produced outstanding results in the global management sector. Incheon Airport has won the grand prize in the customer value category for the ninth consecutive year. All the efforts being made to offer an elevated customer experience has paid off!

Incheon Airport ✈hopes to help make Korea a warmer place in 2023!

2022 Incheon Airport On-Art School Festival held

The 2022 Incheon Airport On-Art School Festival✨ was held at the Sky Culture Center in Jung-gu, Incheon for three days from December 8th to the 10th! The Incheon Airport On-Art School, which started last year, is a project to support customized arts and culture education programs to revive local arts and culture and foster creative talents.

So far, more than 2,300 students from 20 elementary schools near Incheon Airport have participated. In addition, Incheon Airport has supported after-school classes for elementary and middle schools since 2007 to strengthen the local education infrastructure. Through On-Art School, specialized programs for arts and culture have been expanded.

The festival allowed for sharing of the achievements made by students that were supported by Incheon Airport, exhibiting various works such as traditional crafts, webtoons, 3D pen art, photos, and performances to show off their dreams and talents! There were also hands-on experience programs creating media art and acrylic mobiles for local students, families, and residents which all added to the festival’s fun. If you couldn’t participate this year, we hope you can join in next year!

Today, we took a look at Incheon Airport’s major headlines for the month of December. It was another month filled with good news to round out the year. ✈ Incheon Airport 😍 will continue to grow to hopefully deliver more happy news next year. We wish all of you a happy remainder of 2022 and ask for your continued support in the upcoming new year of 2023!

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