Incheon Airport, First Airport in the World to Participate in Influential Tech Event, CES 2023

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Every January, a very special electronics fair is held in Las Vegas, USA. It’s the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It’s an event that grabs the entire world’s attention for hosting some of the leading global electronics brands to have them share their latest technology and vision.

In fact, CES 2023 will be held for four days starting tomorrow, January 5th to the 8th. The amazing news is that Incheon Airport ✈ will be participating in CES 2023, making it the first airport to have been invited! 😲 Let’s take a look at the cutting-edge technology and future of Incheon Airport, to be showcased at CES! 

A First for an Airport! Incheon Airport to Participate in CES 2023

CES boasts a long history, having started in 1967, and is considered an influential authority in the industry. It is a one-stop event where you can meet the world’s leading tech companies. With businesses, experts, and officials all gathered together, exhibitions, conferences, and various sessions are held. The ticket to participate in all the conferences and sessions cost over 1.6 million won! That should give you an idea of how important this event is! 😎

Recently, the trend has been electronics being fused with IoT and AI and being combined with technologies such as AR, VR, Web3.0, and Metaverse. Accordingly, Web 3.0 & Metaverse were selected as the key themes for CES 2023. Incheon Airport fits right in as it also offers elevated customer experience by combining AI and virtual reality technologies.

This has established Incheon Airport as the first airport to participate in CES. This is a sign of Incheon Airport no longer being viewed as a conventional and conservative airport that simply serves as a stopover for people traveling long distances, but as an airport with cutting-edge technology and innovation. Let us walk you through some of the technologies, innovations, and future visions of Incheon Airport ✈!

A Space to Experience the Present and Future of Incheon Airport

There will be an Incheon Airport ✈ booth at CES. Through a total of eight different zones in our booth, you can experience the present and future of Incheon Airport. Here’s a list of what they are:

  • Smart Pass
    From 2023, all authentication procedures will be carried out through facial recognition at Incheon Airport. Just by registering once, you can easily and quickly authenticate yourself for the next five years, reducing unnecessary waiting time. When entering our booth, experience the smart pass with its excellent security, boasting a 99.9% facial recognition rate.
  • My Airport
    Now you can check your baggage in remotely through biometric information at a hotel or accommodation. This will allow you to travel lightly with free hands. You can always monitor your luggage status through an electronic tag.
  • Virtual Incheon Airport
    Now experience Incheon Airport in the virtual world. Talk to others and travel around Incheon Airport through the virtual world. You’ll feel the excitement of being at an actual airport.
  • Urban Air Mobility (UAM)
    How fast and convenient would it be to get to the airport by air taxi? Learn about Incheon Airport’s plan of preparing for UAM in stages by 2030.
  • Airport Parking Navigation
    You no longer have to waste time searching for an empty parking space! A new service with advanced technology is offered via an app to provide the best way to get to an available parking space, including real-time traffic information.
  • AR Wayfinding
    Have you ever gotten lost, wandering through our spacious Incheon Airport? Next time, try following AR directions! If you enter your flight information, you’ll be led to your boarding gate, as easy a if you were playing a game on your smartphone.
  • META-Airport
    Experience Incheon Airport in a virtual 3D world! Through advanced robot technology. real-time airport conditions will be reflected as you enjoy continuous metaverse service.
  • Future Air Traffic Control
    Through digital and virtual simulations, you can check on all that’s going on in the sky in real time. The futuristic control tower, which monitors and analyzes all flying objects, will maintain safe and efficient air traffic operations.

    We look forward to witnessing a future of high-tech, digital, and virtual worlds at Incheon Airport. Can’t you see Incheon Airport stealing the show this year in Las Vegas? 😎 Visit our booth to participate in smart booth tour events and social media events, and you may receive a gift! Also, if it fits your schedule, catch the In Booth Show & Demo. ☺

Despite already having achieved the status of being the best airport in the world, Incheon Airport ✈ refuses to be complacent and continues to work hard to improve. Like the slogan, we look forward to seeing how Incheon Airport will impact people’s lives, culture, and future. To stay updated on how Incheon Airport is leading the future of airports, please continue to visit and support the Incheon Airport blog! ☺

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