<15 Benches> Exhibition at Welcome Hall in Passenger Terminal 1

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Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal 1’s Welcome Hall (Arrival Hall) is a place full of joy and excitement with many people waiting for their families, friends, and acquaintances! A new resting area has been set up here, with benches showing off unique colors and patterns. This space holds a special secret.

The secret is that this area is actually furniture-type artwork by Kim So-san, an installation artist who specializes in oriental paintings. This exhibition marks the first showing of various cultural spaces that are also for travelers to rest, to be built at Incheon Airport in the New Year. Shall we find out more? 👉

A Public Exhibition That Offers Both Art and Rest, Kim So-san’s <15 Benches>

Incheon Airport <15 Benches> Exhibition

Period: Until February 28, 2023
Venue: Incheon Airport Terminal 1, Welcome Hall C/E

Have you ever waited for someone at Incheon Airport’s Arrival Hall? People are often seen peering anxiously at the glass doors, waiting for what feels like an eternity for their loved ones to arrive. This very place has been transformed into an exhibition space for the public art project <15 Benches>, where people can now enjoy both art and relaxation.

This artwork is a beautiful bench where you can sit and rest for a while. It boasts unique colors and textures by expressing traditional patterns of flower images and their history using Korean mother-of-pearl. A particularly interesting point of this piece is that it’s made up of 15 modular bench pieces, and you can move them around to create different shapes.

Kim So-san, the artist behind the project said, “I’m happy with how many people in the Welcome Hall automatically sit down without hesitation and wait to greet their guests.” If you’re curious about the artist’s introduction and short interview, please watch the video 🎥 below!

Supporting up-and-coming artists and revitalizing the public arts! Incheon Airport Becoming a Culture and Arts Hub

The new <15 Benches> exhibition not only helps mark the new year, it is part of a project that Incheon Airport and the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation have been working on since 2020, aiming to spread public art.

In 2020, the graffiti artwork <See You Again> by Koo Heon-ju and Choi Jin-hyun helped beautify Incheon Airport. Following that we had artist So Soo-young’s exhibition of geometric art benches ongoing in 2021.

Incheon Airport will continue to strive to be a representative K-art platform in the future, by supporting and fostering emerging artists and revitalizing the public arts. How exciting to think about walking into Incheon Airport, feeling like you’re walking into an exhibition hall?☺

From the moment you step into Incheon Airport until the moment you take off on your flight, we will try to make every moment with us filled with joy and enjoyment. If you want to check out future cultural and artistic works to be installed at Incheon Airport, be sure to regularly check the Incheon Airport blog ☺!

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