The Only 100 Year Meal Kit Restaurant Opens at Incheon Airport!

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Imagine how convenient it would be to be able to experience all the best restaurants in Korea gathered in one nearby location! Well, this indeed is a reality and that very location is Incheon Airport. Great news for foodies, as you can now experience the taste of 100 years of K-food, all through convenient meal kits. 

In line with the explosive growth of the meal kit market, this is a place where you can not just buy, but also enjoy your meal kits. This 100-Year Restaurant serves meal kits from top of the top restaurants in Korea, such as “Geonbong Rice Soup” in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, “Shinpo Soondae” in Incheon, and “Cho’s Goongjoong Haemooltang Restaurant” in Nam-gu, Busan! These places serve dishes that many Koreans grew up enjoying. Today we introduce to you the 100 Year Meal Kit Restaurant!

Experience tastes representing Korea at Incheon Airport!
Introducing the 100 Year Meal Kit Restaurant

100 Year Restaurant

Near Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Entrance B
7:00 AM to 9:00 PM

If you go near Arrival Hall B in Passenger Terminal 2 at Incheon Airport, you’ll find a restaurant that boasts the tastes and charms of Korea. It’s called the 100 Year Restaurant and it opened on December 21st. As mentioned before, this is quite the unique restaurant as it serves meal kits. You can rest assured that these meal kits boast menu items that have held steadfast to their core beliefs, standing the test of time!

The menu items of the 100 Year Restaurant are all representative picks from the nation’s best restaurants. Thanks to the improvements made in meal kit production, you’ll be able to enjoy the authentic taste and prices of the renowned restaurants. Some of the popular restaurants include △ Ilweoljeong in Daegu △ Sinpo Soondae in Incheon △ Jeondongjip in Incheon △ Anilok in Gyeonggido △ Nadeuri in North Gyeongsangdo△ Jinmijip in North Jeollado △ Saejip in North Jeollado △ Geonbong Rice Soup in South Jeollado △ Cho’s Goongjoong Haemooltang Restaurant in Busan. Make sure to grab a hearty meal before departing on a long flight abroad.

You can also buy your choice of 24 various meal kits. Here’s a sweet tip 🍯: it’s actually cheaper to order a meal kit and eat it at the store than to simply just purchase a meal kit! For Korean-food lovers who prefer Korean food even on overseas trips, be sure to not just fill up on a budget-friendly Korean meal kit at the restaurant, but stock up on some meal kits to enjoy during your travels too! 🙂

K-Food, Crossing Over beyond Korea to the World!
100 Year Restaurant, Showing Off the Potential of Korean Food

“100 Year Restaurant” is a kind of certification given only to places that receive high marks on excellence and growth potential by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Only places that have maintained their reputation for over 30 years and have been steadily loved by customers for a long time can be certified as a “100 Year Restaurant”, so such places are sure to deliver in taste and hygiene. 

There are as many as 888 restaurants nationwide that have been certified as 100 Year Restaurants. Incheon Airport’s 100 Year Restaurant is also planning to upgrade its service and quality by periodically changing up its menu to reflect insider recommendations and customer preferences.

Furthermore, in March this year, we plan to open an additional 100 Year Restaurant in Passenger Terminal 1, so that everyone traveling through Incheon Airport can enjoy the taste of Korea. Just think, you can now enjoy dishes from top restaurants across the country—restaurants that Koreans even trek out to experience—all gathered at Incheon Airport. J🍴

There are many advantages of meal kits, such as short cooking times, convenience, and quality taste. Aren’t you curious to try the 100 Year Restaurant at Incheon Airport?! Before boarding your flight, enjoy authentic tastes of Korea at reasonable prices! 

Incheon Airport ✈ will continue to deliver interesting and useful news to you all, so please check back in soon!

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