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Every Korean has a special place that stands out in their memories. For example, as a young child, many may recall crying as they had their backs scrubbed. Or perhaps wrapping their heads in a towel in the shape of sheep horns while eating baked eggs and drinking an ice-cold glass of shikhye (a sweet rice beverage). This memorable venue is a common “soul place” for many Koreans.

This warm place also often pops to mind during the cold winter season. We’re talking about jjimjilbangs (mega sauna/public bath houses)! From jjimjilbangs that are nestled deep in a forest to ones with art exhibitions. There are many unique jjimjilbangs for you to take advantage of. If you have plans to visit Korea during the winter, this is one place you don’t want to leave out of your itinerary. Incheon Airport has created a list of top unique jjimjilbangs located in Seoul. Let us share with you places that go beyond just saunas, but will also give you a unique cultural experience! 👉🏻

There’s a charcoal brazier where you can grill and enjoy sweet potato and corns?!

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Forest Hanbang (Eastern Medicine) Land

75-7 Bongwonsa-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 
06:30 ~ 22:00

Located between Sinchon Station and Independence Gate (Dongnimmun Arch), Forest Hanbang Land is the most classic jjimjilbangs among the places on our list. The signature item in use here is a charcoal kiln. You can experience the heat and scent of charcoal. For those who are not familiar with saunas, they can be divided into levels such as low, medium, and high temperatures. This allows you to enjoy the sauna at the right temperature for you.

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On one side of the jjimjilbang, you’ll find a charcoal fire furnace. Not only can you warm your hands here, but you can also grill snacks such as sweet potatoes, corn, and garaetteok (long ricecake sticks) 🍠🌽! It’s a special experience you can only find at Forest Hanbang Land. You can bring food to grill yourself or buy them at the store on site. If you’re visiting in the winter, this is a must to try!☺

When purchasing an entry pass, from the two options of charcoal kilm or bath, be sure to pick the charcoal kiln option. Here’s also a special tip exclusively from Incheon Airport ✈, as this is a popular place in Korea, we recommend you to visit early in the morning. After your sauna experience, you can then have fun looking around the trendy neighborhoods of Hongdae and Sinchon right nearby.

Club K Seoul, a place with not just saunas, but art and culture too!

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Club K-Seoul

524, Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (B1F & 2F)
Open 24 hours

We introduced you to a traditional jjimjilbang earlier, so for our next pick, we have a more sleek and modern jjimjilbang. Club K-Seoul, which is a 5-minute walk from Seolleung Station, offers yoga classes, pilates classes, and exhibition spaces. It’d be more fitting to describe it as a cultural multiplex, not a jjimjilbang!

There are different types of sauna rooms: salt room, red clay room, oxygen room, and ice room. What makes this place even more special is that if you purchase a K-ticket, you’ll be able to take advantage of the fitness services, which include a gym, golf, and pilates. You can kill two birds with one stone by getting your workout in and then relieving your tired muscles in a sauna afterwards!☺

This place features an entrance that is decorated like a gallery, making you feel like you’re walking into an art exhibition. It is indeed a cultural multiplex where you can enjoy various artworks before getting your sauna on.  This concept of a gallery in a jjimjilbang may seem strange, but once you see the viewers donned in jjimjilbang outfits, you’ll agree it’s an interesting experience.  Also, there are fancy desserts offered here not typically found at jjimjilbangs, such as fig rolls, cream castella, and English muffins. Both your eyes and tastebuds will be in for a treat!

Park Habio Water Kingdom & Spa, a place with amusement park rides and saunas!

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Park Habio Water Kingdom & Spa

111 202-dong Songpa-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul (B1F)
10:00 ~ 18:00

Located between Jangji Station and Munjeong Station, Park Habio Water Kingdom & Spa is especially recommended for families with children as it is connected to an indoor water park. If you buy Water Kingdom & Spa tickets, you can access both the indoor water park and jjimjilbang!

The indoor water park has 12 amusement park facilities, including the Wild Wet River, where you can let your body flow down a water torrent lasting 370 meters long (the longest in the country). There are also lounge chairs and cabanas available to rent. This place feature a glass ceiling, so you feel like you’re out in the open, despite being indoors. Lay back and enjoy the large whale models 🐋 installed on the ceiling beside the view of the sky!

After having some fun in the water, you can’t forget about the sauna! There are seven different jjimjil rooms including the Hwangdeung stone sauna. In addition, there is a kids zone, a book cafe, board game space, and a VIP room for larger groups to enjoy! It’s perfect for families that want to shake off the winter blues by enjoying sometime in the water and then unwind in a warm sauna.

Did you enjoy the three unique jjimjilbangs in Seoul recommended by Incheon Airport? If you want to spend a unique day in jjimjilbangs that are perfect for the winter season, why not make a visit to one of the jjimjilbangs mentioned here?

Incheon Airport ✈ will be back to introduce more fun and appealing places. Please continue to show your support by checking back in soon!

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