Use convenient CarPay Service to pay Incheon Airport parking fee!

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The following situation is one anyone with a car has probably experienced at least once. You’re about to exit a paid parking garage or lot. You pull up beside the payment machine only to have it out of arm’s reach. Or perhaps you realize you don’t have your wallet with you. You freeze as you realize there’s a long line of cars impatiently waiting behind you.

You’re probably wishing for a convenient service that would allow you to make your parking payment without your credit card, right? Well, keep reading to learn about such a service that allows you to easily pay for all parking lots in Incheon Airport without a card. We introduce to you, CarPay Service🚗!

Pay without a card in the convenience of your vehicle: Incheon Airport’s CarPay Service

The CarPay Service 🚗 was introduced on November 30th of last year. Since then, people have been able to pay for their parking through the CarPay function in their cars, allowing them to exit parking lots or structures right away. No more scrambling to find your credit cards. No more long waits.

The CarPay Service is available for all Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia model cars. If you don’t see the CarPay Service pop up on your vehicle’s GPS, simply update your GPS. Then you’ll be able to enjoy CarPay without having to install any separate programs or software.

A service that boasts convenience and security. Incheon Airport expands it’s contactless services

The biggest advantage of the CarPay Service 🚗 is that it you can make contactless payments, guarding you against viruses. The entire payment process takes place in the space of your own car. Because people no longer are sharing a limited number of payment machines, parking lot congestion can also be reduced significantly. 

Incheon Airport is consistently introducing new services to reduce inconveniences and increase satisfaction for passengers. As the demand for contactless services is increasing following the COVID-19 pandemic, we are focusing more on meeting such demands through the likes of the CarPay Service, so we ask for your support!

What did you think about the CarPay service that allows you to pay for Incheon Airport parking quickly and easily? It’s convenient, secure, and state-of-the-art, right in line with everything Incheon Airport strives to be.

If you are curious about new services that will continue to be introduced at Incheon Airport ✈, please check in with the Incheon Airport blog!

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