Free Day Tours Offered at Incheon Airport for Transit Flight Passengers🚩

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We have some good news! Korea has done away with the mandatory mask mandate for all indoor venues as of January 30, 2023. 😆 More good news, Incheon Airport saw an average of 130,000 passengers per day, starting from the Lunar New Year holiday.

In line with the full-fledged recovery of the travel industry here in Korea, many facilities and services are resuming operations again. This includes the expansion of bus routes and the running of late-night buses. Additionally, Incheon Airport’s transit tours of surrounding areas of Korea have also resumed for the first time in three years. These tours are offered free of charge, so don’t miss out. We introduce to you our “Transit Day Tours” for all our passengers on layovers! 🚩

Incheon Airport’s Transit Tours Return After 3 Years

The transit tours taking you outside of the airport’s walls started in 2004 and are a special service offered by Incheon Airport ✈. It is a one-day tour program where you can visit Korea’s representative tourist attractions making good use of potentially dreary layovers.

Since COVID-19, transit tours resumed on the first day of the new year due to the recovery of air travel demand, resumption of visa-free tourism, and easing of government regulations! It’s all been such great news! There are now even more diverse and interesting tours than before the pandemic, so pick the sightseeing itinerary that matches your personal tastes.

We prepared a total of 15 different themes and courses! You can experience various aspects of Korean culture without leaving the airport through our “K-Culture Zone” program. As for the other 14 tours, you’ll be leaving the airport to visit popular sites in Korea.

New tours have been added since the pandemic. From the “Traditional: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insadong” tour which is especially loved by foreigners, to the “Past and Present” tour where you can visit Cheong Wa Dae, the heart of Korea. Choose the tour that calls out to you most from below and enjoy a fun-filled day of sightseeing!~ 🚩

<Incheon Airport Transit Tour Programs>

No.ThemeTour SitesDuration
1K-Culture ZoneEast side of T1, T2, 4th Floor at the Transit Lounge30 min
2Past and PresentCheong Wa Dae → Tongin Market5 hours
3TraditionGyeongbokgung Palace → Insadong5 hours
4Peaceful KoreaImjingak Peace Nuri Park, Dokgae Bridge5 hours
5DMZThird Tunnel, Dorasan Observatory5 hours
6FutureHyundai Motor Studio, Yeongjong Bridge Observatory5 hours
7HistoryJeondeungsa Temple5 hours
8StreetsStreets of Hongdae4 hours
9ExperienceHanji activity, Shinpo Market3 hours
10ShoppingHyundai Premium Outlet, Triple Street3 hours
11Buddhist TempleYong-gungsa Temple1 hour
12EntertainmentParadise City Entertainment1 hour
13SceneryYedanpo Walking Trail, Sky Gardent2 hours
14SongdoSongdo Central Park, Tri Bowl2 hours
15Cave Theme ParkGwangmyeon Cave4 hours
*Only K-ETA and Korean visa holders can participate.
*Some tour programs may cost between $3-$20

Apply conveniently on Incheon Airport’s website. Looks for “Participate in Transit Tours

You can easily sign up to participate in the transfer tours both online and offline. First, you can sign up on-site at the transit tour registration desk located on the 1st floor of Passenger Terminal 1 and 2. For on-site participants, please find the main desk near entrance 8 at the general area on the first floor of Passenger Terminal 1, and entrance 3 at the general area on the first floor of Passenger Terminal 2.

The online reservation method for the transit tours is also very simple. Simply go to the link below and select the date and tour you want to participate in. You’ll be able to see the number of available spots for each tour at the given time.  After selecting the tour you want, simply enter your travel and personal information to complete your reservation! 👏🏻

Sign Up for Incheon Airport’s Transit Tour Now!

You can learn more about the transit tours and the various different programs at the link above. Each program has a brief introduction to the tourist attractions visited, helpful for anyone new to Korea. We hope many of you enjoy the resumed Incheon Airport transit tours and experience the charms of Korea firsthand.

What did you think about the great news regarding the resumption of the transit day tours taking you outside Incheon Airport? Make use of your layover time and do some sightseeing! Incheon Airport seeks to change the ordinary moments into something exciting and extraordinary! 😍

If you are curious about future services to be offered at Incheon Airport, be sure to continue to support us and visit our blog again!~~✈

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