Introducing Incheon Airport’s Luggage Storage Service

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Going to the airport can stir up a bit of anxiety. Especially worrying about passing through travel security. Trying to find which item set off the sensor can be quite stressful. 😥 You can comb through your stuff over and over again, without knowing which item is the culprit! When you have a lot of things to pack, the last thing you want to be wasting energy on is figuring out which item can be brought in-flight 🎒or not.

In general, prohibited items should be packed in your check-in bags. Most of the time, if you’re running out of time until boarding, you’ll end up giving up on trying to find a solution and throw the prohibited item away.  Don’t worry!👋 Even if you end up realizing you have a prohibited item in your carry-on, you can store them safely rather than throw them out as long as you have a bit of time. You can use our Incheon Airport Luggage Storage Service! Leave your precious items with us and have a safe and enjoyable flight!

Prohibited Carry-On Items: What kinds of items are on the list?

Security checks are a necessity for the safety of passengers and the airport. Recently, with the introduction of our smart security checkpoints, every single item is being even more thoroughly checked. It is all the more important to check if you have any prohibited items in your carry-on while packing for your trip.

Liquids such as shampoo, cosmetics, and medicine are prohibited in-flight. This even applies to liquid or gel-type foods such as red pepper paste and foods like kimchi which contain liquid. However, there is an exception for items that you need to have with you. Simply pack liquids in containers 100ml or smaller, and place them in a transparent zip-seal bag (20cm x 20cm) that is closed shut. Remember, only one zip-seal bag is allowed per person on flight. It’s recommended to check the permitted size for your liquids in advance and check in any liquid items that aren’t absolutely necessary to carry on with you.

Dangerous items that can inflict harm are also prohibited from being carried onboard the flight, such as anything with a blade (i.e., a knife). Furthermore, sharp, pointy items (i.e., ice picks, awls), taser guns, firearms, and martial arts weapons are also all banned in-flight. However, if firearms are packed as checked-in luggage with the proper related documents (i.e., firearm permit, import/export permit), it is possible to travel with them as long as the gun and bullets are separated and placed in a storage box.

On the other hand, there are some items that cannot be checked-in. Items like lighters, electronic cigarettes, and portable batteries are all prohibited. You must carry such items with you onboard. You can find out more through the Incheon Airport website below, so make sure to do your homework before you leave for your trip!

Check to ensure your items are not prohibited in carry-on luggage!

You’ve found a Prohibited Item in Your Carry On, after you’ve already checked in your luggage! Introducing Incheon Airport’s Luggage Storage Service! age!

There are instances where your luggage sets off the sensor despite you having carefully checked all your packed items. Or you may need to take out some items to reduce the weight of your luggage so it meets the limit. This can be quite a headache, as you wish for a solution that doesn’t involve throwing away your belongings. 😰 In moments like these, make use of Incheon Airport’s luggage storage service so you can safely leave your belongings at Incheon Airport while you go on your trip!

Luggage storage service is available at Hanjin Delivery. There are service booths near N counter on the 3rd floor of Passenger Terminal 1 and H counter on the 3rd floor of Passenger Terminal 2. Make note that they are open from 7 AM.

The fee for this storage service depends on the size of your item(s) and the duration of the storage period. They even offer a delivery service so that you can have your stored items just sent to your home, saving you a trip to the counters to pick up your belongings. There are various customized services suiting the needs of all our passengers, so use their services to have a more convenient trip overseas.

Hanjin Shipping in Passenger Terminal 1

Near N counter in general area on the 3rd floor
07:00 ~ 22:00
032-734-5800, 5804

Hanjin Delivery in Passenger Terminal 2

At General area near H Counter on 3rd floor
07:00 ~ 21:00

Check the rates for Incheon Airport’s Luggage Storage Service!

Check the airport delivery fees!

Travel Hack for Those Traveling in Chilly Weather: Incheon Airport’s Coat Storage Service

People who tend to get cold easily typically wear thick coats when the weather even makes a slight dip in temperatures. However, what happens when you travel to a warm country? That thick and heavy coat can be a pain to carry around. Well, there’s the perfect service for you! Our coat storage service! You can leave your cold weather coat at Incheon Airport and travel lightly!

There are two places where you can store your coat without needing to make reservations in advance. Hanjin Delivery not only offers a luggage storage service, but a coat storage service too! It costs a mere 2,5000 won per day.

In addition to Hanjin delivery, you can also store your coats at Clean Up Air! Clean Up Air is located on the west side of B1 of Passenger Terminal 1 and at the Transportation Center, near the east bus ticketing gate on B1 of Passenger Terminal 2. They’re even open in the mornings, so the service is available for our early travelers.

The basic fee here for the coat storage service is 10,000 won for 4 days. After that, there will be an additional fee of 2,500 won per day. If you want to keep your thick and heavy coat safe, visit Clean Up Air. 👉🏻

Clean Up Air Passenger in Terminal 1

The west side of B1
Mon-Fri 08:00 to 19:00
Saturday 08:00 to 17:00 (Closed on Sundays)

Clean Up Air in Terminal 2

The Transportation Center, near the east bus ticketing gate of B1
06:30 ~ 20:30

From covering banned carry-on items to our luggage storage service and coat storage service, we had a lot of great info! 😉 Knowing all of this in advance can help make for a smooth and enjoyable trip, so you’re not stuck at the airport not knowing what to do!

Incheon Airport ✈ will return with more interesting and useful information for our passengers! Be sure to subscribe to the Incheon Airport blog so you don’t miss any of the tips we cover! 😎

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