Recap of Major Events at Incheon Airport for February

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We are back with Incheon Airport’s monthly headlines at a glance for the month of February, which is where we take a look at the headlines and major events that happened at Incheon Airport for that month. February really flew by! Incheon Airport was kept quite busy all throughout it.

In line with the increased demand for travel, we worked hard to offer satisfactory experiences for all our passengers visiting Incheon Airport.☺ We also contributed to the well-being of the region, society, and the world. If you’re curious about the major headlines at Incheon Airport during February, here they are! 👉🏻

📍 Emergency relief funds sent to Turkey and Syria following deadly earthquake
📍SMEs recruited for the ESG Capacity Enhancement Support Project
📍 Special performance of traditional arts held to celebrate first full moon of the Lunar New Year!
📍Construction in full swing to build more eco-friendly Incheon Airport infrastructure

Emergency Relief Funds Sent to Turkey and Syria Following Deadly Earthquake

We had tragic news this past month. The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have caused numerous casualties and left people without homes. We pray for those affected, especially those who lost their loved ones or were left without a home.

To help provide some comfort for the victims of the earthquake, Incheon Airport prepared 50 million won in emergency relief aid and supplies. Emergency relief funds will be provided through the Korean Red Cross to be used for humanitarian aid activities such as local relief activities and damage restoration.

Incheon Airport has had deep ties with Turkey, having even shared with them our know-how and experience to operate a new airport in Istanbul back in 2015. We hope the emergency relief aid and supplies will be put to good use to help as many people as possible.

Small and Medium Businesses Recruited for the ESG Capacity Enhancement Support Project

Incheon Airport ✈ supports the growth of small and medium-sized companies in the aviation industry! Recruitment of SMEs to participate in the ESG Capacity Enhancement Support Project (ESG100) to revitalize ESG management of SMEs in the aviation industry began on January 30th. We are recruiting until February 28th, tomorrow, so companies wishing to participate should apply as soon as possible!

ESG100 is a project that aims to support 20 small and medium-sized companies in the aviation industry located in Incheon City. From in-depth analyses and consulting on corporate ESG management to preparing guidelines for sustainable management reports, we will provide comprehensive support for everything necessary for successful ESG management.

In addition, we plan to maintain close communication and cooperation with the participating companies through the operation of ESG Management Innovation Council, which consists of industry-academic networks. Through this support project, we hope that small and medium-sized enterprises in the aviation industry and Incheon Airport can coexist and grow together. ☺

Special Traditional Arts Performance Held to Celebrate Jeongweol Daeboreum

On February 5th, a special traditional art performance, “Jeongweol Daeboreum, Moon’s Fortune” was held at Incheon Airport to mark the January 15th according to the Lunar calendar! 🌕 The fifteenth of January on the lunar calendar also marks the first full moon of the lunar year. Though celebrations for this day have lessened in scale over the years, it was originally considered a national traditional holiday in Korea, equivalent to holidays like the Lunar New Year. 🎏

For this special occasion, we prepared a special event filled with Korean games and performances such as gooksoo ho-ryoo, ogomoo, cheoyongmoo, Korean traditional music, ganggangsullae, masked dancing, and pungmulnori. After the performance, we gave out gifts to partake in the tradition of walnut-cracking. People received peanuts and walnuts in traditional Korean pouches to experience Korea’s unique and fun activity. ☺

The special event “Jeongweol Daeboreum, Moon’s Fortune” was made special with the beauty of Hanbok 🎎 and Korean tradition. It was a time for Koreans to reminisce fond memories and for foreigners, it was a unique and cultural experience. Look forward to more special performances held at Incheon Airport in the future!

Construction in Full Swing to Build More Eco-Friendly Airport Infrastructure

Interest in the environment has been on the rise and there have been efforts for converting internal combustion engine vehicles into eco-friendly vehicles. Representative examples of eco-friendly vehicles are electric and hydrogen cars. Incheon Airport is also joining the movement, converting existing vehicles into eco-friendly vehicles. More specifically, a business agreement has been made to convert to hydrogen mobility!

Incheon Airport ✈, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Incheon Metropolitan City, SK Plug Hybus, and Korea Gas Technology Corporation joined the agreement to create eco-friendly airport infrastructure through the spread of hydrogen mobility. Hydrogen vehicle maintenance, car washes, parking, rest stops, and liquefied hydrogen charging facilities will be built at Incheon Airport by 2024.

In addition to the establishment of hydrogen mobility-related facilities, 368 buses, including airport shuttle buses and commuter buses operated by Incheon Airport, will be changed to hydrogen buses. 🚌! We hope that these eco-friendly efforts at Incheon Airport will help passengers fly through a cleaner sky. 

Today we looked at the major headlines for the month of February at Incheon Airport. It was a month of both good and sad events. ☺  

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