‘Pyung Hwa Ok,’ Korean Taste you will meet at the Airport

What kind of dish comes up first when you think of Korean Food? There are many nice restaurants you can enjoy various kinds of Korean Food such as Bibimbop, Bulgogi, Kimchi Jjigae, and Doenjang Jjigae in Incheon Airport.

Today let’s talk about Pyeongyang Naengmyeon which is getting popular among Koreans and foreigners as well these days. In Incheon Airport, there is a restaurant called ‘Pyung Hwa Ok’ managed by Chef Jung-sik Yim who owns two Michelin-starred ‘Jungsik’ restaurants. Since this restaurant led the globalization of Korean eatery and always pursuing the authenticity of traditional Korean food, this restaurant has been getting a lot of likes from the visitors.

Signature dish for ‘Pyung Hwa Ok’ is their Pyeongyang Naengmyeon (15,000 won/L 20,000 won)

We recommend you to try a big sip of the meat broth the moment you get your bowl to fully enjoy the flavor! It’s their best-seller for its clean taste. The meat is thinly sliced for you to wrap it around your noodles that makes a perfect combination!

When you enter the Pyung Hwa Ok, the dove-shaped light symbolizing peace on the ceiling will seize your sight right away and their Korean traditional crockery for dishes. If you want light but well-prepared meal before your flight or if you’re meeting up a foreigner friend at the airport, what about taking them to ‘Pyung Hwa Ok’ for dinner?

Pyung Hwa Ok is located in the 4th floor central area of Terminal 2.

Start an enjoyable and safe trip with special and delightful Korean food at Incheon Airport!

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