Tight Security! Incheon airport’s Security Forces

The most important thing for an airport
with full of visitors from all over the world will be safety without a doubt!


I would like to introduce Incheon airport’s Terrorist Response Team. They always take our visitors’ safety their first priority when working.

This is Beom-joon Lee, the head of Terrorist Response Team at the Incheon airport Security Forces. Lee
is fully experienced agent with 23 years of experience, who
served 5 years in the explosive ordnance disposal unit at the 707th ROK task force battalion, and 18 years at Incheon Airport since it first opened.


Explosive ordnance disposal is a highly risked mission that requires great responsibility because it can cause hundreds of causalities. It is extremely dangerous and important that can kill lives of the agents as well.

“Incheon airport is another home to me and the Explosive Disposal Unit is another family,” said Lee showing special affection for his workplace and added that safety is no.1 at the airport. He said there are intense duty calls that bring tension with the visitors. For example, getting prank calls of terror threats or catching suspicious items from their baggage even makes Lee nervous despite his 23 years of experience.

Lee has also added that his team has been busy with getting more and more duty calls because a lot of visitors have been coming to the wrong terminal and leaving their baggage from rushing to catch their flights after Terminal 2 opened in 2018.


 “Incheon airport has been terror-free since we opened in 2001 until 29,000 of duty calls up to today and I believe that this was all possible because of the Security Forces great teamwork and comradeship” said Lee being more than certain.

His explosion-proof suit is a special outfit that weighs more than 30 kg, making it hard even for a physically-fit man to wear for an hour. In cases of emergency, he usually spends a lot of time on taking in nutritional supplements and work-out to keep healthy for his mission complete. Lee Bum-jung, the head of the terrorist response team, is guarding the airport today with passion and determination to always serve his best for our safety.

Please look forward to his work always striving for Incheon airport’s safety!


How about saying hello and thanking him if you ever bump into Lee at the airport?

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