Travel with your lovely dogs and cats?

Number of households living with companion animals are increasing day by day. And we guess many of you already live with dogs or cats and they mean so much to you. 

Today, let’s talk about the occasion you need to visit the airport with your companion animals. 

It would be very helpful that you are informed about the rules and manners before your visit. 

Most frequently asked question would be “Can I go to the airport with my dog?”

Sometimes you want to bring your companion animal to the airport to surprise your guest or sometimes you don’t have any helps to look after your companion animal while you need to go to the airport. Then you will get confused whether it is okay to bring your companion animal to the airport or not.


You can bring your companion animal with you if your companion animal on a leash!


However, even though your companion animal is on a leash, some other passengers could feel uncomfortable and some accident could be happened; therefore, particular attention of owner is required. Also you need bring a companion animal carrier(cage) for some occasions that you need put your companion animal on them. 



Don’t forget there are no toilet especially for companion animal in Incheon Airport and there is no restaurant that you can bring your companion animal along.

So please be prepared and check what you need to call Incheon Airport Customer Center 1577-2600 prior to bring your companion animal to the airport for any reasons.  



And One more! If you want to travel around the world with your companion animal or you are planning to go abroad for study and bring your companion animal along, please pay attention here.

Before leaving the country with a companion animal (dog, cat, etc.), please check with the destination country’s animal quarantine agency or its embassy in Korea as countries vary in required documents.


Location of animal/plant inspection certificate issuance are one in Terminal 1 (032-740-2660), and one in Terminal 2 (032-740-2028) in Incheon Airport. This information is for reference. So please check directly with the appropriate airline/agency/facility for details. 

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