Winners for the OPEN EVENT

Incheon Airport Blog OPEN EVENT

Welcome to Incheon Airport blog.

Today, it is THE DAY that we announce the winners of the blog open event!

Thank you for the all participants who left a cheerful and congratulatory message.

All messages have been supportive and it was great time to think about what stories to tell you in future at Incheon Airport Blog.

Thank you again for all the participants.

Now here are the winners!

* Maria Clara

* Radhakrishna Pillai.N

* Pushpa A

* Kalesha mech

* Venkata ramaiha

* George Jayaseelan


Congratulation, all of you!!

For the winners, please send us an email (

with Your Full name and email address that you want to receive the gift until December 8th. 

Also for the consent to collect and use personal data, please leave a message for your consent (ex. I agree Incheon Airport to collect my personal data) on your email.

*Note: Only who send the email until December 8th are valid as winner.

*Note: Your personal data will be used only for delivering giveaways and will be deleted.

Thank you so much!

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  1. all details sent dear

  2. details sent , but pls reply . thank you

  3. i am sending proof and other details , in mail , i got info from other winners , thx to them too for letting me know

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