The Incheon Airport will lead the future growing together by warmly accompanying small & medium enterprises

warmly accompanying small & medium enterprises

Hello, this is Incheon Airport’s Blog!

Today, we would like to tell you a heartwarming story.

Incheon Airport is seeking win-win cooperation culture to enhance ‘Competitiveness and Sustainability of small & medium enterprises and traditional market owners’. Especially, we provide infrastructures to small & medium enterprises whom are hard to gather information and having huge risks on failure, so that they could enable commercialization of technology and securing achievements.

And furthermore, we provide expansion of markets to give chances to small & medium enterprises with remarkable technologies, and we are also engaged in various activities to establish a win-win cooperation culture & mutual growth environment.

Among those activities our finest achievement is the Incheon Airport’s mascot, ‘Air-Star’ guide robot!


* What is Incheon Airport’s Air-star?

It is Incheon Airport’s guide robot co-invented by Big enterprise(LG CNS) and Small enterprise(Pureun Technology)

Incheon Airport’s guide robot, Air-star
Incheon Airport’s guide robot, Air-star

And now we are going to find out how Incheon Airport developed together with small & medium enterprises this year, including the invention of the guide robot, Air-star.

Localization of Airport Technologies and Joint R&D with small & medium enterprises

Incheon Airport is developing local technology by performing joint R&D with small & medium enterprises. Among the technologies we succeeded on localizing, there are mainly ‘Airport Construction Standard Duration Estimating System’, ‘AC-GPS: Aircraft Ground Power Supply & PC-Air: Pre-Conditioned-Air’ and ‘Automatic Detection of Airport Debris (FOD)’.

AC-GPS: Aircraft Ground Power Supply (left) and PC-Air: Pre-Conditioned-Air (right)
AC-GPS: Aircraft Ground Power Supply (left) and PC-Air: Pre-Conditioned-Air (right)

Airport Construction Standard Duration Estimating System: System that estimates construction duration automatically.

AC-GPS: Aircraft Ground Power Supply: Device that supply electric power to the aircraft from the outside while the plane is waiting for passengers’ boarding

PC-Air: Pre-Conditioned-Air: Device that maintains in flight temperature to be on pleasant state while the plane is off-engine in the airport

Automatic Detection of Airport Debris (FOD): Automatic detection system that finds pieces of metal, rocks, or debris.

And also Incheon Airport is proceeding Joint R&Ds with small & medium enterprises, especially one on civil engineering and two on IT industry.

Thanks to Incheon Airport’s constant efforts, we could expect discounting effects on foreign currency expenses and exportation of domestic airport technologies. Our path with small & medium enterprises! Please continue to support us!

First in South Korea to host Airport Industry's New Technology Expo

Airport Industry’s New Technology Expo

Last July, Incheon Airport hosted Airport Industry’s New Technology Expo for the first time in South Korea. It was participated by over 700 people including 33 small & medium enterprises and authorities of civil engineering and construction in Airport Industry.

new technologies

On this exposition site, we presented brand new technologies based on the fourth industrial revolution such as ‘Structure coating methods using robot system’ and ‘Worker safety supervision system based on their location and environmental information’.

Airport Industry’s New Technology Exhibition Sky Expo

Incheon Airport annually held ‘Sky Festival’ event since 2004 to present the beauty of Korean culture and give thanks to our passengers and employees in the airport. The event is loved by many people by presenting K-P0P at the peak of its popularity and high quality classic concert at the same time.

Sky Festival

On our 16th anniversary, this year we presented one more brand new event on ‘Sky Festival’! It is a new technology experience center where you could experience the airport industry with your whole body, ‘Sky Expo’!

Sky Expo experience center

Sky Expo experience center is divided into three sections, first, ‘Small & medium enterprise zone’ where you could see their fourth industrial revolution products and experience AR/VR, next, ‘Start-up zone’ presenting start-ups by exchanging changepoints and lending carriers, and last, ‘Social enterprise zone’ that presents social enterprises that produce upcycling clothing or bags, etc.

We expect it would be a great time for participants to experience new technologies and products of small & medium enterprises personally.

Incheon Airport enhanced win-win cooperation and arranged place for mutual growth by holding ‘Sky Expo’! We will always try to keep on our effort of diffusing social value.


Promoting united start-up to form impartial economy

Hosting site of Incheon Airport’s travel agency start-up promotion support demo-day
Hosting site of Incheon Airport’s travel agency start-up promotion support demo-day

Another mutual growth activity performed by Incheon Airport is ‘Promotion of united start-ups’.

For this, we are promoting 45 start-ups in total, on three fields, travel agency, local, and socioeconomic groups. We are supporting start-ups in these three fields freely on various activities such as educating & consulting, funding, promoting, and pioneering foreign markets.

Running arrival hall duty shops as a place that creates social value.

This May, we reduced inconvenience of carrying duty frees during whole time of traveling by opening duty free shops in the arrival hall.

products in duty free shop in the arrival hall
products in duty free shop in the arrival hall of terminal 1 (left) / products in duty free shop in the arrival hall of terminal 2 (right)

Every owner who runs Incheon Airport duty free shops in the arrival hall were chosen from small & medium enterprise and over 20% of the area is composed of domestic small & medium enterprise’s products. And also we plan to support promotion and expansion of distribution channels. Furthermore, Incheon Airport plan to use about 20 billion won of our rent income to create social value and jobs in airport industry.

Opening of Incheon Airport Tech-market platform

Last of our mutual growth activity is ‘Incheon Airport Tech-market platform’! Incheon Airport Tech-market platform is public platform that matches technical demand of Incheon Airport to excellent technology developed by small & medium enterprises.

Incheon Airport Tech-market Opening Ceremony
Incheon Airport Tech-market Opening Ceremony

So if a company propose new technologies we may choose some of them and sign a contract, or on the other way, we may recruit technologies that are needed through tech-market and companies could propose those technologies. In this way we match companies with technology with demanders.

Technologies that are applied to Incheon airport through tech-market could be registered as excellent technologies and are expected to contribute on widening not only domestic markets but also foreign channels!

You have looked through various activities that Incheon Airport performed for mutual growth with small & medium enterprises. Incheon Airport will do our best to keep on supporting new technologies of small & medium enterprises to develop, and to be a part of economic growth of Korea. Thank You!

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