Who is loading my baggage to my flight?

Who is loading my baggage to my flight?

Hello, everyone!

Most of you must have wondered, at least once, how your baggage has been safely loaded to the plane after the check-in.

Today let’s look closer to the journey that the baggage goes through until it gets safely to the plane!

Passenger’s baggage is transported to their destination by Baggage Handling System(BHS) in Incheon Airport.

BHS: Baggage Handling System

Scale of Incheon Airport’s Baggage Handling Facility is about 130km long, which is longer than the distance between Incheon Airport and Sejong City, or between Seoul and Daejeon!

Size of the facility is huge as well. Area of the BHS is 53 times larger than Seoul World Cup Stadium, 375,610m2!

Scale of Incheon Airport's Baggage Handling Facility

While handling huge scale of over 100,000 baggage, Incheon Airport has great accuracy by only letting two out 1 million baggage to be late.

BHS of Incheon Airport could be described as the blood vessel throughout the body of airport. This vessel like BHS of Incheon Airport sends the baggage to their aircraft in a very short time, averaging 22 minutes at a speed of 7m/sec by adopting High Speed Tray System for the first time in Korea, and it also transport baggage very accurately to their destination by using Radio Frequency Identification Tray.

Would you like to feel the speed of High Speed Tray System?

As BHS is the one of the core facility of the airport, the competition for dominance is accelerating among the major airports all around the world. So BHS is being continuously developed, and variety of advanced technologies are adopted to it.

BHS: Baggage Handling System

Incheon Airport is always trying hard to provide convenient airport services to passengers by applying smart technologies to enhance BHS. Thank you.

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