Don’t worry if you plan to visit airport at late night or early morning, check the list of cafes running for 24 hours

cafe 24hours

Traveling is always joyful despite the departure time. But, it feels different when it comes out to be at late night or early morning. That is where people start to worry about how to get to the airport.

From ‘On-time type who takes night bus to get there right on time’, or

‘Sleep-tight type who is going to ensure quality sleep at hotel nearby’

,and to ‘Sleeping-out type who doesn’t have a car or person to take them to the airport’

There could be variety of ways.

The people who are not sure of waking up at dawn or have bad circumstances choose to wait for their departure at the airport, after getting there with bus or subway on the night before.

Even at the quiet dawn, Incheon Airport is very busy. Being at the top of the World Airport Service Assessment for 12 years in a row, Incheon airport is very devoted to operate various facilities and services for the convenience and enjoyment of passengers.

Especially, the food and beverage store is where waiting at the airport is turned into a greater joy. Even a simple cup of coffee tastes different at the airport! That is the reason Incheon Airport prepare various kinds of F&B shops from Terminal 1 and Concourse to Terminal 2.

“But… Don’t most of airport stores close at 10 pm?”

It’s a question that any passenger who enjoys using Incheon Airport can have. Yes! To provide better services to the passengers, most of food and beverage stores at Incheon Airport close between 10 pm and midnight.

But! Incheon Airport must not miss the convenience of passengers who fly early at dawn, right? Never worry, for there are many ’24hours Cafes’ around where you could enjoy hot coffee and desserts. If using airport lounge feels burdensome, a 24hours Cafe is a great choice to take care of slight hunger.

"I'm the coolest one around here!"

List of 24 hours cafes at Incheon Airport by area

(As of January 2020)

Terminal 1 

Terminal 1 1F
Terminal 1 3F



Terminal 2 

Terminal 2 3F
Terminal 2 4F

Although they run for 24 hours, they still need a little break for better services. Some of the cafes are not available during the break time, so check out before the visit.

Check out Incheon Airport website for more details of the stores!

Link of food and beverage store inforamtion ▶

It was the introduction of ’24 hours Cafes’ of the Incheon Airport. Now Incheon Airport at dawn is not so fearful, right? How about visiting a 24 hours cafe, if you are taking flight at dawn?

Please leave comments if you have your own ways of spending time in the airport at dawn.:)

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