“Time-killing? Time-filling!” Free Incheon Airport Transfer Tours enjoyed theme-by-theme

Let’s assume that you have just landed at the transfer airport on a long journey, and you have five hours before your next flight leaves. It’s an ambiguous time. There will be different ways to spend your time. You can kill time blankly, or you can fill it with a unique experience. In this posting, I would like to tell you about the latter method.

It’s an era of choice, even for transfer airports. Each airport has a very different experience. That’s what makes transferring at Incheon Airport special. From various amenities such as free shower and lounge facilities to colorful tour programs, you can see Incheon Airport’s efforts to design the best transfer experience for passengers. In recognition of its continued efforts to facilitate passengers, Incheon Airport also won the grand prize in transfer service at the ‘2019 National Service Awards’ hosted by the Korea Institute for Industrial Policy Studies last year. This is the part where you can feel the power of Incheon Airport, which is developing into Asia’s hub airport.

Among them, the transfer tour mainly in Seoul and Incheon is receiving constant love from  passengers. What’s important is that this tour program is ‘free’! Since more and more people are choosing Incheon Airport to experience the attractive transfer tour, it must be very interesting, right?

Incheon Airport operates a variety of themed tour programs! This posting would like to select and recommend good places to go with each theme. For more information on the tour, please refer to the Incheon Airport website!

Now, let’s go on a special transfer tour that you can only experience at Incheon Airport!

1) The ‘Temple Tours’ Calming Your Heart

Do you sometimes need to organize your thoughts? Then, we recommend a temple tour that calms you down with the mountain’s spirit and reverent atmosphere surrounding the temple.

▷Course: Airport → Temple → Airport

▷Operation Hours:

-Terminal 1 08:00~09:00 / 09:00~10:00 / 14:00~15:00

-Terminal 2 07:00~08:00 / 08:00~09:00 / 13:00~1400 / 14:00~15:00

Built about 1,300 years ago, Yong-Gung Temple was a temporary residence of Heungseon Daewongun(King’s father) (1820-1898). During the reign of King Munmu of the Silla Dynasty, Wonhyo named it Baekunsa, but later Heungseon Daewongun changed its name to its current name in 1854. A signboard reportedly written by Heungseon Daewongun at the time is still hanging inside the temple. Yong-Gung Temple was designated as Incheon City’s tangible cultural asset No. 15 in 1990, and two 1,300-year-old zelkova trees in front of the temple are also a must-see attraction at Yong-Gung Temple!

2) From Casino to Art Gallery! Exciting ‘Entertainment Tours’

The excitement of traveling must continue! An entertainment tour is perfect for you, who can’t tolerate even a moment of boredom.

▷Course: Incheon Airport → Paradise City Arttainment → Incheon Airport

▷Operation Hours: Terminal 1,2 07:00~09:00

It is the first complex resort built in Northeast Asia, offering convenient accommodations, casinos, art galleries, and clubs throughout the year. Paradise City’s Art Gallery features more than 2,700 works by renowned Korean and foreign artists, including world-famous Yayoi Kusama and Damien Hirst.

3) ‘Adventure Tours’ to a Strange World in a Cave

If you want to have a rare experience, why don’t you go to the cave? It’s not an ordinary cave. It’s a hot place where you can’t help but take out your camera at the sight of colored lights!

▷Course: Incheon Airport → Gwangmyeong Cave → Incheon Airport

▷Operation Hours: Terminal 1,2 09:00~13:00

▷The Gwangmyeong Cave will be closed every Monday and is replaced with the Incheon City Tour Course (Wolmido Park-Shinpo Market)

Gwangmyeong Cave, Korea’s best cave theme park, was developed for the purpose of resource exploitation during the Japanese colonial era in 1912, and has been used as a storehouse for salted shrimp for 40 years after it became a dead mine in 1972. It was miraculously transformed into a historical and cultural tourist attraction by Gwangmyeong City in 2011, since then, more than 1.4 million tourists are visiting it every year.

4) 'K-Culture Tours' to experience the living culture of Koreans

We also have a live tour where you can enjoy the fun of Koreans who are known to entertain well. If you want to be inspired by living cultural energy, choose the ‘K-Culture Tours’.

▷Course: Incheon Airport → World Cup Stadium → Streets of Hongik University → Incheon Airport

▷Operation Hours: Terminal 1,2 14:00~18:00

World Cup Stadium

Sangam World Cup Stadium is a 66,000-seat soccer stadium that reminds us of the excitement of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. During the tour, participants can look through the locker rooms and labs that FC Seoul players actually use.

Streets of Hongik University

Famous for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and entertainment, Streets of Hongik University are gaining fame as a major attraction for indie musicians, dancers and performers. There are many independent clothing stores and vintage shops, so there are plenty of things to see.

5) Full of Spirits of Ancient Korea, ‘Traditional Culture Tours’

You need to know tradition to feel the identity of a country deeply. If you are interested in the beauty of traditional Korean architecture and antiques, don’t miss the ‘Traditional Culture Tours’!

▷Course: Incheon Airport → Gyeongbok Palace → Insadong → Incheon Airport

▷Operation Hours: Terminal 1,2 8:00~13:00 / 10:00~15:00

▷The Gyeongbokgung Palace is closed every Tuesday, so the course is replaced with the Changdeokgung Palace

Gyeongbok Palace

It was the first royal palace during the Joseon Dynasty and was completed in 1395, about 25 years earlier than the Forbidden City of China. After being burned down during the Japanese Invasion of Korea, it remained ruined for a long time, but was restored in 1867 during King Gojong’s reign in the late Joseon Dynasty and was used as a palace. It’s a famous place where you can feel the atmosphere of a quiet palace.


It is a place where old but precious traditional objects are exchanged in the city center, and there are maze-like intersections between the streets. The maze is packed with galleries, traditional crafts stores, ancient art shops, traditional tea houses, traditional restaurants, and cafes.

6) ‘Shopping Tours’ to get items

Traveling is spending! From food that shows Korean culture to the latest fashion that is leading Korea, if you know how to enjoy the happiness of shopping, the shopping tour is a great choice.

▷Course: Incheon Airport → Myeongdong → Namdaemun Market → Incheon Airport

▷Operation Hours: Terminal 1,2 13:00~18:00


Myeongdong is Korea’s most famous shopping area and the biggest shopping district where travelers from all over the world can enjoy the latest fashion and a variety of foods of Korea. It is a popular tourist attraction throughout the four seasons, and it is also the region with the largest floating population among the downtown areas in Korea.

Namdaemun Market

It is an open market that is visited by 400,000 foreign tourists a day, and offers 1,700 kinds of goods and various kinds of food.

[ICN Snap] Information You must keep in mind for the Transfer Tour

-All tours are in English.

-Tour programs are subject to change without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.

-Tour registration is first come, first served.

-Transfer passengers’ passport, departure or arrival boarding pass or electronic ticket are required to register for the tour.

▶Transfer Tour Reservation

※ All transfer tour passengers, including online reservation passengers, must arrive at the registration desk on Terminal 1 with the registration documents 30 minutes prior to the tour.

Terminal 1(1F General Area Near Exit 8)               Terminal 2(1F General Area Near Exit 3)


Those were Incheon Airport’s attractive transfer tour programs that will help you create special memories on the long journey. Incheon Airport provides convenient transfer, but also enjoyable stay! The transfer waiting could be short or long, so the pleasure of enjoying it depends on how you spend it. Hope you have a more fun and rewarding transfer trip at Incheon Airport!

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