“Don’t Know Korean? It’s OK!” Incheon Airport without language barriers.

Ivanov, a Russian who got lost at a vast airport.

Tong Cha-yi, a Thai who wants to go to the hospital in an emergency while in the process of entry.

Budhidator, an Indonesian who missed his flight stopping over at Korea.

Incheon Airport is the first place of visit on a trip to Korea! But what should the three people above do when they need urgent help with their poor Korean and English skills? The first difficulty they encounter is communication.


At Incheon Airport, Korea’s first gateway, special interpreters are waiting for foreign passengers who are suffering from language barriers. It’s a smart service called ‘bbb (before babel brigade),’ which helps you with interpretation. Let’s find out what the bbb is and how it can be used!

Incheon Airport 24-hour interpretation hotline 'bbb'

Since 2009, Incheon Airport has signed an agreement with bbb Korea for bbb movement to make “Incheon Airport without Language Barriers.”


bbb Korea is a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism that is promoting language and culture businesses. The bbb movement, which has been promoted since 2002, is a network of private knowledge sharing volunteers, and the largest language and cultural volunteer movement in Korea, with 4,500 volunteers supporting interpretation of 20 languages.


Along with financial support and various promotional activities, Incheon Airport is trying to ease language inconveniences and lower cultural barriers for both locals and foreigners by launching the bbb-day campaign during the peak travel season.

How to use ‘bbb Application’ which provides 20 languages

Did you know that bbb service is easy for anyone to use on their smartphone? Especially, if you use the bbb interpretation app at Incheon International Airport, you can get high quality interpretation services of excellent bbb special volunteers through a 24-hour hotline.


The bbb interpretation app provides a three-way interpretation service of client – foreigner – bbb volunteers. The voice over the phone allows clients and foreigners to communicate conveniently through the interpretation of volunteers. Let’s experience the smart interpretation app, BB.

1) Please install the ‘bbb interpretation’ app on your smartphone first! Both Android and iOS users are available. If you’re not a smartphone user, call your bbb representative number [1588-5644 / Overseas +82-2-818-1500] for help.

2) If you are a visitor to Incheon Airport, please click the ‘If you are at Incheon Airport’ tab! Even if you are out of the airport, if you have any inconvenience during your trip, you can press the ‘Anywhere’ tab to ask for help.

3) In the ‘Select a language’ section, select a foreign language you want to interpret! It can interpret as many as 20 languages from English to Swahili

4) If you press the phone or the Wi-Fi button on the bottom, you will be connected directly to the special volunteer at Incheon Airport through hotline. It would be more convenient to communicate through speaker phone, right? Since they are volunteers who take their time to interpret, you should practice basic manners!

For your information, you can use phone calls through Wi-Fi only by pressing the Wi-Fi button, so you can use it without any local Usim chip 🙂

Language Support Service at Incheon Airport to Fill bbb’s Blind Spot

In addition, Incheon Airport offers various services to break down language barriers. There is also a ‘Green-cap’ system that has been introduced since 2010 to create an environment where foreign travelers can comfortably pass customs and to guide customs complaints. The Green Cap Interpreter Desk supports English, Chinese, and Japanese, as well as languages of various countries such as Mongolia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Sometimes you might need simple help besides interpretation. There is also another way, using ‘Airstar’, a smart guide robot at Incheon Airport that provides information such as location of check-in counters, various amenities, and flight information at the airport. You could get simple help easily because it provides not only Korean, but also English, Chinese, and Japanese!

These were various services including bbb, which will make Incheon Airport without language barriers. Currently, Incheon Airport bbb service provides passenger interpretation and supports interpretation in all areas that require emergency measures, such as quarantine, quarantine, immigration and medical services, in order to actively deal with Corona 19.


Incheon Airport will keep on trying hard to resolve language inconveniences for both locals and foreigners, so please look forward to it.

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