Incheon Airport is ‘COVID-19 Free Airport’!

Ordinary days full of eating delicious food,

spending time with friends,

and traveling around

These days, people hope for their ordinary daily life to come back as soon as possible

For that day, Incheon Airport is making efforts today as well. This is why the airport is becoming more thorough to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 and to protect the healthy daily lives of passengers and staffs.

Recently, Incheon Airport has come to declare its commitment to realize ‘COVID-19 Free Airport’ by establishing a close quarantine system in the process of leaving and entering the country. Instead of just declaring it, the airport has quickly introduced a countermeasure since March 9th.

Let’s find out about changes in progress!

Blocking Corona’s take-off completely!

Passing ‘3 levels’ of temperature check is mandatory to leave the country!​

One of the major symptoms of COVID-19 is ‘fever’.

For all passengers leaving the country, from arrival to the airport to boarding the aircraft, Incheon Airport is conducting a temperature check using thermal imaging cameras and thermometers in total 3 levels: 1) at Terminal entrance → 2) at Departure floor → 3) at Boarding Gate

Level 1 – Terminal Entrance

The terminal is crowded with people who want to check in and enjoy various services at the airport. The first temperature check is carried out from the entrance to the airport terminal using thermal imaging cameras.

If your body temperature is confirmed to be above 37.5°C, you will be instructed to undergo basic epidemiological tests at the quarantine inspection room installed in the airport.

T1 quarantine inspection room

(2nd floor vaccination room)

T2 quarantine inspection room

(3rd floor eastside family lounge)

Level 2 – Departure floor

(Before entering the security area)

The secondary temperature check is carried out in the departure floor area before entering the security area. If the temperature exceeds 37.5°C, passengers of routes with a request from the destination country (to restrict passengers with fever from entering) could be transferred to the airline for cancellation of the ticket.

Level 3 – Final check at Boarding Gate

Level 3 temperature check is carried out at the boarding gate just before entering the aircraft. During this process, passengers may be denied from boarding if they are suspected of having COVID-19 symtoms, such as fever.

In particular, from midnight, March 11 (Wednesday), all passengers on routes to the United States, regardless of nationality, must visit the quarantine inspection room and check their health conditions to issue tickets and to get on the plane, so please be aware of this and plan your journey.

*Please arrive at the airport earlier than usual, as additional time may be required to check temperature on departure and so on!

Wiping, sprinkling...‘3 times’ a day disinfecting.

In addition, Incheon Airport will further strengthen the quarantine of key facilities on the departure floor by conducting special sterilization of check-in counters and alcohol disinfection on security search equipment three times a day to create a safe space for all passengers, flight attendants, companies, and airport workers.

For major facilities that passengers contact directly, such as elevators and escalators, alcohol disinfection will be increased to three times, which was only once before.

Korea’s gateway Incheon Airport will do its best to enhance the safety and reliability of it in the international society by building ‘COVID-19 Free Airport’ while providing safe airport service to domestic and international passengers during the entire immigration process!

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